Friday, March 09, 2012

Rangers Voted Down by Senators, 4-1

Has anyone seen the Broadway hat recently? Has it left the building, and is it now hanging out in a cappuccino bar in the Village? Someone needs to send out an all points bulletin and ask the fickle fedora to please come home. We need you.

The Rangers lost, 4-1, to the Ottawa Senators, in a game that was like an uneven Presidential primary. It was like watching Newt Gingrich battle Mitt Romney in the Utah Republican Presidential Primary. It was tad lopsided if you catch my drift. It was the well oiled machine versus the man on a shoestring budget. The Rangers offense like Newt finds itself severely strapped for cash as the season winds down. All contributions are most welcome, unfortunately our usual donors look like they are tapped out.

Captain Cally bravely soldiers on and he got the Rangers on the board first. But, the Rangers need one of their other go-to players: Richards, Gaborik, Stepan, or Anisimov to give the team an offensive lift. Sadly the GAS line has ruptured and there is a bad odor wafting through the rafters. Meanwhile, Brad Richards looks determined to boost his shots on goal stat. No problem with that. However, it would be nice if someone went to the net and tried to make life uncomfortable for the big Bishop that was keeping the crease. Why do newly minted NHL goaltenders always seem to have the Rangers' number?

Some random observations:

Joe Micheletti roused the ire of the hockey gods when he alerted them that Stu Bickel had gone 21 games without a minus. Do the gods really listen to Joe? The Bickel situation was quickly corrected after 5:50 into the game. Stu's stick assisted on Ottawa's first goal, by Smith. Don't blame a producer for that one, Joe. #godsneedasacrifice

John Scott on a breakaway is like John Tortorella teaching a Dale Carnegie course. #fishoutofwater

A key phrase an announcer needs for a Rangers game: "The power play is over." Going 0-4, the Rangers look determined to claim the league's worst PP. #futile

Another key phrase an announcer must have during a Rangers game: "Blocked in front." It is frequently used at both ends of the ice. #blockedinfront

Thank you Mike Rupp for that bug on the windshield imitation. Smashing your head on the glass after missing a check was a memorable game highlight. #faceplant

Speaking of highlights, why couldn't MSG show us the video replay of that last minute Rangers shot the Ottawa goalie had wedged up against the post? #veryclose

Thankfully the Rangers do not play Ottawa again. The Senators outscored the Blueshirts 14-8, and won 3 of the 4 games in the season series. #haveournumber

How will the Rangers end up the season going into the playoffs? #limping or #surging

click for Rupp #faceplant
via Scotty Hockey

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  • Section 335 said...

    I would feel a lot better about tonight's game if Avery were skating among the top six forwards.

  • jb said...

    Avery certainly is more of a force than Scott or Rupp, but Torts would never give Avery top six minutes. Didn't you feel that Avery could have shined more if he got the minutes, like 12-14 a game? Being a 4th liner and getting the measly 3-4 minutes was a total waste of him. I hope he comes back with a team next year and works his way into top six playing time and shows everyone that the Rangers made a huge mistake.

    They could use him now, with all the injuries and fatigue they have now.