Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Champions Of The East

The Rangers took a big step in their quest to win their fifth Stanley Cup by beating the Flyers for the sixth time this year and ensuring home ice advantage for all Eastern Conference games. They are in a dog fight with St. Louis and Vancouver for the top spot in the NHL. The Rangers jumped to a 4-0 lead and were never headed.

There was a little drama in the third period as Lundqvist played hurt, a 'stinger' he had trouble holding hs stick, but still made 13 saves on 14 shots. The guy is incredible and he continues to 'carry' this team to new heights. He finished the game with 37 saves as he picked up his 39th win of the season. It was a shutout of sorts for the Rangers as they went 6-0 against the Flyers. After the game some Flyers talked of how the Rangers would never go ten for ten against the Flyers, assuming they meet in the playoffs. Wanna bet guys. The Dark Ranger is one happy man right now.

The Rangers spread the goals around with five different players scoring. In their order of scoring it was McDonagh (7), Boyle (10), Anisimov (15), Callahan (29) and Gaborik (41). There were a couple of the obligatory fights that the Rangers and Flyers think they are supposed to have, which do absolutely nothing as far as the momentum of the game goes, but that is why these stiffs are on the team. In one fight, Scotty Hockey's favorite whipping boy, Mike f***ing Rupp, got his you know what kicked by Jody Shelley. Their rewards for this 'snorer' was Rupp getting all of 1:02 of ice time and Shelley got 3:56. Both spent more time in the sin bin then on the ice. And Avery sits in limbo.

But, the story was and is Henrik Lundqvist. I've said it many times before. We will only go as far as this man carries us. He is on the cusp of becoming the greatest goalie in Rangers history and that is coming from a guy that still reminiscences about Chuck and Gump and Eddie. Sorry guys, but Henrik is the new man. But, you are all in good company, so just move over a little bit and make room for another great goalie. This one may carry us to a spot you have never seen.


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  • Scotty Hockey said...

    Avery just floats away, like his skates in the Hudson River ... sad sad sad sad.

  • jeanine1994 said...

    I miss Sean too, I think about him every game

  • Ranger Pundit said...

    Its truly sad that an egotistical jerk has basically deprived a player of his livlihood. Truly sad!