Thursday, April 12, 2012

Protect the King !!

At the start of the year, when other people thought this team was a marginal playoff team, I went on record as saying they would get around 105 points and finish 4th. I was off by a mere 4 points. And, if they were at 105 points they would have finished 4th. Not bad. Been pretty damn close the past few years too.

So, now, we start the playoffs. Again, time for predictions. But, not so fast.  A disclaimer first.  The playoffs are harder to predict. As Billy Bean would say, the sample size is too small. The law of small numbers creeps in to play. A hot goalie or hot scorer can swing a short series. Winning a season requires consistency. Winning four consecutive series in a row is different.  You need to be better, or lucky, or both, four times in a row.

So, my prediction is based upon this team being a very good team, but seriously flawed. However, everyone is seriously flawed. Even Pittsburgh, as seen last night, can be horrible on defense and in goal. And this means that, just as I said at the start of the year, the Rangers are among the top 8 teams in hockey, and maybe the top 4. And the top four or eight are all pretty damn equal.

My prediction? If the King gets hot, they will win it all. After this round, he needs to steal a game or two a series.

The motto for this battle for 16 wins is simple - protect the King! Keep the lanes and the crease clear and he will carry you to the promised land.


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  • jb said...

    Based on tonight's game, it looks like all systems are go. Lundqvist looked sharp and they're protecting him pretty well. One down.