Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Win It For The King

The report is out that Henrik Lundqvist is one of the three finalists for the Vezina trophy. Good. Let's keep him in the spotlight by winning, starting tomorrow night. You remember, or at least heard, about that scene in Knute Rockne when George Gipp, dying and lying in a hospital bed looks up at Rockne and tells him that when things look bad tell the team to win 'one for the Gipper.' Of course Ronald Reagan played the Gipper and he used that line very effectively in the elections of 1980, 1984 and 1988.

It would not be unreasonable to expect the Rangers to win one for Henrik. How many has he won for them? How many games has he stolen? How many games has he stood tall while many Blueshirts were hard pressed to mail it in? They recognized his importance by voting him the team MVP. He should be voted the NHL MVP. More importantly he should be skating around MSG carrying the beautiful silver Stanley Cup.

Rangers! Win one for Lundqvist. Win it for the King!

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  • Section 335 said...

    And win we did.

    Four interesting observations.

    The medias favorites, Pittsburgh, Boston and the Cannucks all lost.

    The Rangers are the only original six left in the playoffs.

    There were four upsets. We have a five, six, seven and eight seed in the second round.

    Number 20 is the real deal.

  • jb said...

    What's your prediction on the next round? I'm going to say it goes 7 games again, hopefully with the Rangers winning another game 7 at home. That's because with Gabby in ghost mode the Rangers offense will not give Lundqvist enough goals to make it easy.