Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lundqvist Stones The Devils

It looked like a replay of game two with a flat effort coming out of the gate. The Devils were swarming, but Lundqvist stood tall turning back eleven Devils' shots. Lundqvist got the Rangers through a tough first period. He also got them through a not too pretty second period. Truth be told, he stole the game.

Yes, the Rangers scored three goals starting with Dan Girardi's power play goal. Then it was the Soaring Eagle, Chris Kreider, who scored his 5th playoff goal, his third this series and basically it was all over. Ryan Callahan's empty netter finished the scoring.

While the Rangers were outshot 36-22, they out hit the Devils 24-15. The Rangers also blocked 19 shots to the Devils 6. But when you only launch 32 shots, what's to block? The Devils launched a total of 66 shots. The D led by McDonagh, Staal and Girardi was outstanding with a goal by Girardi and an assist by McDonagh.

However, this game will be remembered for Henrik Lundqvist's performance. For most of the game the Devils were the aggressors, had the better of the play, and at least for the first two periods had the game under control. Pure and simple King Henrik stole the game. He may have even stole the series. This game will not be remembered for the elbow Brandon Prust put to the head of Anton Volchenkov. Prust should be suspended. We have to put an end to these head shots, accident or otherwise.

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  • Luke said...

    We had absolutely no business winning that game, NJ had enough chances to bury us by the end of the second. The King stole it for us, plane and simple.

    It's fascinating to watch him out last maaaaaaarty in that style of game. Hopefully his antics will spark a flat looking team in front of him.


  • Jen9400 said...

    ALL HAIL THE KING! Absolutely stunning performance! He is so amazing and has grown into the best goalie in the world and the fiercest competitor. He wants this so bad.
    The team has no legs. Their game plan is catching up to them is every way. Coach used his time out for something other than resting during icing and it actually seemed to help. He actually did his job. I almost fell off my couch. However, he can scream and yell all he wants and it doesn't change the fact that his team is tired from playing this exhausting style and how beat up they get from throwing their bodies in front of frozen pucks traveling at 80, 90 miles an hour. Ouch.
    Anyway, I was happy that he did the time out and then he gave a normal press conference after the game and NO ONE was talking about him last night then, BOOM! The a**hole couldn't last 24 hours. Today he gives a nice extra long press conference about how dirty the Devils are playing. Pointing out all the so called dirty things they do player by player. I thought he didn't talk about the other team. People are telling me that this is all planned to keep the media focus on him and not the players because you know the media is just soooooo distracting. BS. I can't believe people fall for this guy's act over and over and over again. He is insane. He is so stupid its not even funny. Henrik must be in the Devils heads big time but Torts gave the Devils something to be furious about. What will the Devils players be thinking in game 4? I can't beat Henrik was what they would have have been thinking but instead they will be thinking let's shove it up that idiots a**.
    Let's see how the Devils respond in game 4. I'm so mad.

  • jb said...

    Tortorella hockey is exhausting on the players and on the fans. I am sure I'm like many Rangers fans, who are weary of his antics. I've tuned him out, and I wonder when the players will do the same.

  • Section 335 said...

    Allow me to both agree and disagree.

    I agree that Torts behavior with the media is rude. While I understand his increased frustration with general sports writers asking simple hockey questions because they are now assigned to cover the playoffs, that is not an excuse. He was rude during the season with regular hockey reporters too.

    I disagree with the strenuous criticism of the Coach based upon this flaw. Please consider that Paul MacLean sent players out to deliberately hurt Ranger players - such as Boyle. Please consider that the Devils do indeed use illegal picks and have started goons on the opening draw. And, he handled Avery in a manner I will never forgive.

    For all these flaws, at least he plays the game right.