Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shoot Low Sheriff, They're Crawling!

The blame stream media and the blogs are all abuzz about how tough guy, Fatso Marty Brodeur, decided to get tough and threaten the Rangers with total destruction in tonight's game. He has ordered his troops to shoot at the Rangers and maybe maim or at least harm or maybe scare a few. Marty figutes a few high shots around the face and head might scare a few Rangers into not blocking some shots.

Marty doesn't know the Rangers. Actually he does, its the coach he doesn't know. Could you imagine a Ranger ducking a shot and coming back to the bench to face coach disagreeable and his effusive smile? Hah! Whats more scary, more frightening, than the disagreeable one who now has grown facial hair to give a resemblance of Fu Manchu.

But leave it to Marty to stir up the game. Actually its going to be the fans, the Garden Faithful, who are going to have all kinds of fun with this tonight. Too bad Sean Avery is not in the game tonight. Can't you just see it. The game is tied and Fatso has the puck in front of their net. In comes a hard charging Avery. Fatso shoots the puck, it hits Avery in the head.and goes by Fatso for the winning goal. The NHL puts in Avery Rule Two. A puck off of Sean Avery's head is considered a penalty and the goal is disallowed.

Oh well. Tonight I have an important decision to make. The Ranger game or Gunsmoke. I think I'll choose Gunsmoke. At least I know who the bad guys are. Shoot low Sheriff, they're crawling.

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