Friday, May 25, 2012

We'll Win Tonight!

I must admit I'm a bit of a dreamer. Also a fan of the nostalgia. That is why I kept waiting for someone to step up and declare and guarantee a victory for tonight. Someone on the Rangers that is. But, lo and behold it was not to be. No Cally. No Gabby. No Richards. Even the great Henrik Lundqvist has been silent on this matter. They are all saying the right, safe words. Someone needs to say it and here it is.

We'll Win Tonight!

There, I said it and it's in print. There is more than just a hint of hope and bravado in that statement. First of all we still have the best money goalie in the NHL and tonight he will step up and give us a vintage Lundqvist game. Game five was an aberration and if we can keep the Ranger defensemen at a safe distance from the King, he will stone the Devils again.

Killing the flat syndrome. We must come out flying and charging, ready to play SIXTY MINUTES of hockey, not twenty or forty. It would help if we saw some consistency in the lines and not the constant changes that the coach is wont to do.

Traffic in front of Marty. The Rangers should look at the tapes of Sean Avery in front of Brodeur and create chaos and all kinds of trouble in front of the net. Brodeur is very beatable, but we need to be more aggressive and forceful. In that regard we need an aggressive forecheck. Put the pressure on the D-men and they will cough up the puck. Pressure, pressure, pressure leads to puck control. Puck control leads to scoring chances which leads to goals which leads to wins.

So there it is, a guaranteed win for tonight. It will be a good night for the Ranger fans in attendance tonight watching Lundqvist with his arms held high. Let's Go Rangers!!!!

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