Thursday, July 19, 2012

To Trade Or Not To Trade?

It will cost a big can of Scungilli for Rick Nash
That is the question. Never forgot the line from my early English literature. Okay, so I am taking poetic license and stretching it. It has been a very dull and boring free agency. The Stealth has a plan to win the Cup. While other GM's are blowing all their Scungilli on high powered front-liners the Stealth is gathering up all the fourth liners: Halpern, Pyatt, Asham, Haley. Watch out Rupp and Boyle. Is Blair Betts available? It should be a lively camp watching eight guys fighting for three positions.

Maybe the Stealth is correct. The Columbus GM wants the house and the in ground swimming pool for his supposed elusive star, Nash. McDonagh, Stepan and Kreider plus prospects. For what? For a guy who doesn't even know how to block shots. Stupid Nash. He thinks that is the goalie's job. You know what? Nash is right. But the Stealth is right too. I wouldn't trade any one of those guys for Nash. Stepan and Kreider will be top six forwards, provided they don't get maimed trying to block a shot.

I was browsing the hockey blogs and ended up checking out Ranger Nation. It's written by Glen Miller and naturally with a name like that I thought I would get "in the mood" and read it. Well, he picks his favorite Rangers and Sean Avery is his number 12. He has a YouTube of Sean Avery annoying the Devils and Marty. It's a classic. Watch it. There is no way that the Rangers would have lost to the Devils if Sean had been in the lineup. No way. Chalk up another loss for coach disagreeable. He's not only disagreeable, he is stupid.

But now a more pleasant note. My youngest grandchild, Allessa, qualified for a shot at the Junior Olympics at Rutgers by swimming the Gold qualifying time in a 200 meter freestyle race at Princeton. These young ones keep Grandpa Pundit very happy and are a welcome respite from the woeful Rangers' management. Go get 'em girl!

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  • Andy said...

    WE STILL WANT AVERY....clap clap clap clap clap

  • jb said...

    It doesn't look good. Katie Strang from ESPN last month: "Sean Avery still plans on retiring. Told me he has 'no interest' in testing market, just hasn't had time to file retirement paper"

  • Andy said...

    That's fine. I don't care what he does as long as he's content. If he wants to focus on his bravo/fashion career (which he's damn good at) all the power to him.

    I just want the guy to be happy, and he seems happy right now. I can't blame him for giving up on the NHL, they treated him like a piece of shit from day one. Anyone with color and vibrance and a agitating style is most likely blacklisted by the old gentleman's club that
    is the NHL, but #16 was their primary target.

    The most underrated and misunderstood hockey player ever. Damn shame.

    I, along with many people on the blog here have met sean and know how amazingly friendly and big hearted. Never, ever turns down a chat or autograph.

    I could see him landing with a team like calgary, chicago, florida, vancouver mid way through next year. Long shot, but sean has hockey skills and will always stick up for teammates. there will be a team in need of that, it's just whether or not the teams will look past the BS rhetoric on him. Asham, Rupp, Haley over sean avery. Purely pathetic, straight up.

  • Andy said...

    Absolutely hate to see Dubi and AA go, but holy moly did we just get an amazing deal or what? What planet is
    howson from?!

    Welcome Nasher, it's go time...