Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diary of A Wimpy Commissioner - Aug. 23rd

Diary of A Wimpy Commissioner: Gary Bettman Edition

Another installment of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman's take on the world and vice versa:

Gary Bettman Says 'Wide Gap' Still Exists on Fundamental Issues in NHL Labor Negotiations --
After cancelling a collective bargaining meeting on Wednesday, the NHL and the NHL Players' Association met for 90 minutes on Thursday. There's really no forward progress to report...

Bettman said there is a wide gap between the two sides, which are struggling to reach a common ground in the way of fundamental economic issues.

"The bigger point that I think we made [Thursday] goes to the fact that whether or not we're talking about these contract or system issues or we're talking about revenue sharing, it's clear that we're at a point where it's going to be difficult to move this process along until we deal with the fundamental economic issues, and certainly as it relates to the fundamental economic issue, we are far apart both in terms of magnitude and structure," Bettman told reporters.

This isn't good news for hockey fans, as a delayed start to the season is looking more and more likely...

The commissioner also called hockey fans the "world's greatest," while also emphasizing that the league survived the last lockout...
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  • Scotty Hockey said...

    Bettman is a weasel to be sure but he is nothing more than a proxy for the big money, greedy swine that own the top teams in the league.

    And hey Pundit, if you are around, can you e-mail me at ? I have a question for you ...