Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's Hockey Time...

Here is a very nice looking backyard ice rink that was made in suburban Chicago.

The video shows an interesting 5 day time-lapse of  it being built. Well done, sir! They should hire you for next year's Winter Classic.

Backyard Ice Rink Time-Lapse video
More than 28,000 individual photos combine to follow the construction of the ultimate backyard ice rink located outside Chicago, Illinois. Five days of labor, 15,000 gallons of water and sub-freezing temperatures. Shot entirely with a GoPro Hero2 using a Steadicam Smoothee rig and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. The song is "Tribulations" by LCD Soundsystem
Backyard Chicago ice rink - click for video
The ABC News back story about the rink:
Man Builds Backyard Ice Rink Using 15,000 Gallons of Water
"The construction took five days," Matt Vriesema told "It would have taken longer but this was our third year doing it. I was able to reuse the boards, so there was no grunt work of cutting and painting. We've perfected it over the years." ...

"I played hockey growing up. So did my cousin. And the kids just love skating. It was their idea. We were sitting around thinking about how cool it would be to have a rink in the backyard," Vriesema said...

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  • mbernold said...

    everybody thinks the rangers will be good this year--but they are wrong. the idiot coach will make sure they can't score and the shot blocking will destroy the players. the performance of no shots, no power play, was on display tonight in their opening loss to boston. its too difficult to even watch them... to hell with the rangers as long as torts is their coach..and this from a ranger fan for 63 years!!!

  • jb said...

    Those are the exact feelings I am having again, after watching their 2nd loss tonight (Sun). It is hard to muster words to say now uninterested I am in even commenting on their pitiful performance.