Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lockout's Over-Let's Boycott

The lame stream media is all gaga over the end of the hockey lockout. Why not? It gives the lap dogs job security. They get to live another day. They get to worship at the altar of coach disagreeable, the Stealth GM and the Absentee Owner. Gee, I really miss hockey.

Nothing has changed. Or has it? The Hockey Rodent has retired. Mark Everson has retired and my pal, Scotty Hockey has gone into hibernation. But there is excitement in the sports world because hockey is back. No one is more excited than the pub owners north of the border. Well I'm all for lifting a few pints myself. But I have an idea. Lets lift the pints, in the bar, at home. Let's stay home.

Yes, lets stay home. Lets boycott the NHL. Let Gary Get Them be the only one in the stands, along side the owner hearing it from "the crowd." However, judging by previous lockouts and strikes in other sports the crowds will come out in droves paying exorbitant price increases for a watered down product.

The lockout was the billionaires vs the millionaires with the billys winning a squeaker. The losers were the middle class. The 1% beat the 2% and the 98% are footing the bill. Sound familiar? So prices go up and what do we see? We see, which team blocks more shots. We get to see less open ice hockey. We get to see more over officiated games and if we are really lucky we get 16 second news conferences.

I'll try to keep my record intact of catching at least one home game but its going to be a struggle to get me away from my TV and my pint to fight "the crowds" that will be flocking to MSG.

Let's Boycott!

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  • Luke said...

    Howdy Pundit,

    I agree, I've been thinking about my own small protest for months.

    I'm willing to concede that I'll crack at some point and pay for center ice coverage on I'm guessing I'll get to March and be overcome with the need for some sport.

    However, this Feb when I am in NYC The Rangers are hosting The Islanders and I will not be in attendance. I've not been to a hockey game since March 2012 when NYR hosted Detroit and I'll happily wait until next season before I get another shot. This lockout was madness and I hope people do stay away from the rink as a result.

    I'm going to put my $$$ into a different seat. The Met are performing Rigoletto, it's essentially an ordinary decision with a devastating consequence. Seems like the perfect place to make my own small statement on the lockout.


  • Jen9400 said...

    I have to admit Pundit, I almost gasped when I saw the Boycott in your headline. I thought that you weren't even watching! Whew. Glad to know I can still come here for your thoughts and commentary on the games. This is my therapy you know. This is where things are kept real. No blowing smoke, just the straight forward (and often humorous) truth.

    As for me, I won't Boycott. I tried that last time and it didn't do anything for me except rob me of going to the games. The games are so much more enjoyable in person. The atmosphere, the action, the interaction with the fans. I miss that when I don't go. Besides, its a nice break from having to listen to Sam and Joe fall all over themselves trying to sell us on coach disagreeable. He's such a wonderful guy isn't he Joe? That he is Sam... Puke.

    Anyway, I'm glad hockey is back and I look forward to your blogging.

  • Mundo said...

    I myself am doing a 3 year boycott of all tickets and merchandise with an NHL Logo, which would also include all Rangers apparel. Like you say, my only arenas will be my living room or the local pub. Maybe with the money I save I can buy a monster 3D TV so it feels like I'm there, who knows. As always I'm in full disagreement with you guys about John Tortorella. He is easily one of the main reasons the Rangers got to where they got last year, although you guys want to fault him for "only" getting to the Conference Finals and not to mention First Place in the East. But hey to each his own, I'm ecstatic >=D hockey is back, too bad I wont attend a game until 2016 >=(

  • Johnny D said...

    I absolutely agree. I cant stand how that arrogant Bettman over saturated the hockey market with half-ass teams. The supply out ways the demand. The league should probaly eliminate 4 teams right off the bat. I totally disagree with pros playing in the Shitass Olymplics. All that matters to NHL fans is winning the CUP!!! Why are the best players risking injury in a meaningless marketing sham of a tournament? And why the hell is hockey played in June??? Hello, anyone? The season is way too long. Until they trim the fat and give me a better product I aint buying this shit. BTW I hate coach disagreable and love your page. Keep up the great work. Also the Rangers will never win as long as they play only 3 lines and he changes the lines every game. The Ranger organization should be ashamed of what they did to Sean Avery. What goes around comes around. I cant wait to see Torts and his Koolaide drinking side kick hit Sully the bricks. Boycott it Beyotches!! Third generation Ranger fan JohnnyD.

  • jb said...

    I'll watch some games on tv, but no money for anything Rangers related.

    A short season will be good for both me and probably the Rangers. The crazy body-bruising shot block style of the Torts-led Rangers might hold up better over a short duration.

    I heard Rick Nash say that he's already getting geared up to block shots. Hello, I can't handle that mentality. That is not a game I enjoy watching, guys like your best player sprawling on the ice blocking shots.

    I'll definitely boycott the Tortorella press conferences. Enough of that.

  • mike said...

    Luke-Go to the Met and enjoy Rigoletto. A close friend of mine performs there. Its great, but you already know that.

  • mike said...

    Jen-Welcome back. I'll never leave. Even when I go, I will be here.

    Have fun at the game.

  • mike said...

    Mundo-We all can't agree on everything.

    So you are coming back in 2016? Maybe we'll have a new president by then.

  • mike said...

    Johnny D-Agree with you about the Olympics. Amatuers only should play in the Olympics.

    Eliminate 4 teams? How about doubling that?

  • mike said...

    jb-You coward. Missing the news conference? Well you won't be missing much.

  • Jen9400 said...

    Mike- Thanks for the welcome and I love what you said about even when you go you'll be here. It reminds me of when I was in my teens and our seats were up in section 424. These two very pessimistic (for good reason), but humorous (also for good reason) season ticket holders used to stand behind my family (our seats were in the last row). They were so dedicated, they couldn't even sit down. The ushers didn't even bother to tell them to sit anymore because it was no use - you know the kind. They had nicknames and sayings for every player, coach, most of which were unflattering, but humorous as I mentioned before. Back then people used to speak their minds for better or worse (mostly worse I'd say lol) and no one thought anything of it. It was the norm- and you wouldn't dare tell them they weren't "real fans" just because they may not always love every player or coach that was part of the organization. You know, you had to have a thick skin and if you couldn't handle some trash talk then don't bother to go to the Garden. I call those guys throw backs now because the culture has changed- A LOT. That's why I take exception to people who tell someone like Scotty Hockey he's not a "real fan" based on the fact he has players and coaches he clearly doesn't like. I don't always agree with him but clearly he is a "real fan" and the fact he speaks his mind is refreshing. He's a throw back and only those with Garden history know what I mean by that. Anyway, the guys who used to stand behind us- one of them used to come up with a new reason every game why he was going to "flush his season tickets down the toilet" every game and every next game there he was standing behind me in his Ranger fan frustration shaking his head making his usual comments. I used to ask him all the time, Hey John, where are your seats? He would always point over yanda and say "I don't know over there somewhere, I haven't seen my seat in years." You reminded me of him because one day he said to me "Jen, when I die my one wish is that the Rangers put a plaque with my name on it right here (he points at the wall behind my section). This way I can still watch the game from my spot." I will never forget that. For all the frustration and all the torture, the guy was true blue. Just like you.

  • Jen9400 said...

    JB- I boycotted the Tortorella press conferences a long time ago. The mute button is a great invention!

    Also I have been saying the same thing about the Rangers chances this year. I told a friend of mine who wanted to take his boycott so far that he wasn't even going to watch the games on TV that this was a bad season to boycott because the short season could be exactly what the Rangers need to win it since they won't be dragging their dead bodies through the playoffs. And although there are people like Mundo who don't agree - running out of gas every year is a prime example of poor coaching. As you know that is only one of my many examples but I will spare you my rant - for now that is. I'm sure it won't be long - my guess is 10 minutes into the first period on Saturday - before coach pisses me off and prompts me to come over here and rant so I can wait a week or so. :)