Sunday, January 27, 2013

Third Period Explosion

The third period last night looked just like they draw it up in practice, without the emphasis on blocked shots. The Rangers, trailing 2-1 going into the third period put 17 shots on goalie James Reimer, who actually played a good game making 37 saves, scoring 4 goals in the last 13 minutes. Gaborik (5) scored two, Staal (1) one, Richards (2) one and Boyle (1) one. Boyle's goal was scored off his body, deflecting a Del Zotto shot. That will probably be the only way Boyle will score this year considering he has hands of stone.

But, while this output and performance was encouraging nothing really changed except we beat a mediocre team, who like us, is struggling. Remember the Islanders mauled the Maple Leafs 7-4 last time out. Eight players had over 20 minutes of ice time with Del Zotto, probably the weakest defensive defenseman on the Rangers, getting the most with 26:40. Del Zotto also got the most power play ice time, 5:21. Did I mention that the power play went 0-4? Nash, Richards, Callahan, Gaborik all on the PP and going 0-4. Did I mention that Del Zotto was the quarterback. I think he is related to Sanchez, the Jets quarterback.

The other side of this distorted equation is that the fourth line was practically invisible. Asham had five shifts, 1:57 minutes. Rupp, six shifts, 2:08. Eminger seven shifts, 4:12 and Halpern had 10 shifts, 4:16. Now that Jason Arnott is brought into the equation those times will dwindle and someone will have to sit or take the Tortorella Express to Hartford. Interestingly, coach disagreeable refused to comment on Arnott's acquisition. Arnott who is 6'5" and 220 lbs will probably be used heavily on the power play.

It looks like Chris Kreider has been playing with a bone chip in his ankle. Remember the coach bad mouthing him suggesting he would be better off in Hartford. Meanwhile he was injured. But it's not surprising considering the remarks he made last year about Gaborik, when he was injured.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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  • andy said...

    Asham and Rupp, the goonsome twosome are very lucky that their selfish and useless fights only cost the blueshirts 2 goals.

    They are also very lucky that they stayed glued to the bench and were not given many other opportunities to f**k things up while the team took advantage of the leafs' sloppy play. Good teams find ways to win, they did that.

    With Arnott and Ferriero on board there is no use for the goonsome twosome, especially when Kreider is healthy and given a FAIR amount of ice time. Chris Newbury is a much cheaper option and brings the exact same thing to the table.

    It has been so much fun watching Asham's face used as punching bag thus far however, and Rupp has been rag dolled each time this year. My old pal Colton Orr had him turtling like he was teenage and mutant last night.

    Good win, but still a lot of work to do

  • Jen9400 said...

    The more things change the more they stay the same is exactly what my sister Jeanine1994 tweeted after the Flyers game - funny.

    I'm always talking about the importance of puck possession so let me start by saying I'm glad they had the puck more last night. I'm glad the players and many fans alike are happy that the team feels this was the best 60 minutes of hockey they put together this season. I'm glad they had a lot of shots on goal and I am mostly glad they came back to win because a loss to the Leafs would have been brutal on the confidence but I have to say that was not great hockey. They have a lot to work on. They had a lot of shots but few quality shots and they were able to salvage a game they should have had. This game didn't excite me the way it seems to have excited many other fans but lets hope they can build on this win as Gaborik said. I don't know, maybe it was because I watched the San Jose Sharks game at 4:00 - man that team is playing great hockey right now. They are fast, they move that puck and the addition of Larry Robinson to the coaching staff has their power play looking like his 2000 Devils. They move around they move the puck bing bang its in the net - they are 45% on their PP through their 1st 4 games and they are undefeated. If only our talent was allowed to do that. I won't mention you know who because I tend to get crazy but I can't help it. I've seen good coaching and bad coaching and I know the difference - I will leave it at that.

    One thing I will tell you I am very excited about is the addition of Jason Arnott. He has been one of my favorite all time players. I have followed his career since the beginning and I always wanted him on the Rangers. I know he's on the end of his career but he's still a damn good hockey player and I can't wait to see him. He could be a good line mate for Cally. He seems to have lost all of his mates and he could be great with the big boy Arnie!!! I'm so excited!

  • Jen9400 said...

    Andy - love the goonsome twosome comment - made me laugh out loud. I read your comments to my sis and she said "see? I wasn't the only one rooting for Colton Orr!"

  • Jen9400 said...

    I can't believe Arnott failed his physical. I'm heartbroken.

  • jb said...


    I wonder if the medical problem for Arnott is concussion related. He has had a number of them, including this one during a goal celebration from 2011 (after the 2nd goal - after 1min mark). Crazy. He also had one in 2008.

    With the President today saying that he would “have to think long and hard” before letting any son of his play football because of the physical toll the game takes, contact sports like football and hockey might be entering a new era.

  • Jen9400 said...

    That could be. Also it was reported that he had knee surgery over the summer but the concussion thought is a good one. I love him. His goal celebrations are second to none, which I'm sure would be not welcomed by the facist. I just always loved watching him play. I remember when the Devils got him I was so jealous, but I took advantage of the close proximity and went to see him play. Then I actually lived in Dallas for about a year and that happened to line up with his days as a Star. Love the AA Center. Great place to watch games. Met Jason there too. Really good guy. He would have fit in so well. I'm so disappointed. What a terrible tease that was. I sure hope he can recover and play if that's what he wants. Its very scary to think about head injuries.

    When Kreider was hit by Orpik it was a clean hockey hit but it shook him up. He mentioned that his jaw was once broken and sometimes it locks up. He said this time it didn't but it obviously scared him a little. He was understandably slow to get up. He wasn't even tested for concussion after the hit. If he has problems with his jaw then that alone is a good reason to test him. Teams are not acting responsibly if they don't test them. I know that the Rangers are expected to suck it up by the facist but I think its just macho sh*thead beahvior to expect it all the time. I worry about my players health all the time because of that.

    BTW thanks for the video. I remember that. I love Jason. What power.