Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The ......

Fortunately we didn't reach that third plateau, the ugly. Callahan and Nash saved us from that. BTW, I have never seen the good in that movie, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Bad? Yes! Ugly? Yes! Good? No way. Actually we saw three different hockey games last night. The Rangers, on goals from Hagelin (4), Stepan (2), and Stralman (1) were up 3-0 with about 13 minutes to go when Rick Nash got whistled off for hooking Bruin pest, Lucic, to get the Bruins going. One second after Nash returned the Bruins scored their first goal. Less than eleven minutes later the Bruins tied the game by another pest, Brad Marchand. Remember when we had a pest? No pests now. No pests. No individuals. Robots, who respond to the machinations of their beloved leader.

So, the first game was 46:43, all Rangers. The second game was roughly 13 minutes all Bruins. The third game was the shootout with great goals by Nash and Callahan and Lundqvist stopping 2 of 3 Bruins. Nash, despite his bonehead play on Lucic, played a good game and started the scoring with a great rush and beautiful feed to the speedy Hagelin for the first goal of the game.

The win over the tough Bruins is big, but there were warts in the win. Lundqvist made 37 saves but look rattled for the last half of the third period. The power play, now on its own, was 0-4 and now is 4-44 on the season. Would you believe the Bruins have almost the same numbers on the PP that the Rangers do? I wonder if they are on their own or if their coach, Claude Julien, screws it up? He seems like such a pleasant man. And we took another too many men on the ice penalty. That's our sixth this year. Six penalties, six different players.

So, one quarter of the season is done, and the Rangers are 7-5, and have won three straight. They will have to step it up a bit to start challenging for the top. The next three games against the Islanders, Canadiens and Caps should give us an idea of how we are progressing. Of course, our young 'uns are doing a great job keeping us afloat. Keep going kiddies, you may save the day yet.

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  • jeanine1994 said...

    Nope, no pests. Pests are bad. Pests don't play 'the right way'. No, no individuals, that's very, very risky you know.
    Just follow the little dictator, that's all that's required.
    Coach is blaming the latest too many men penalty on the linesman. Says he should be able to anticipate the puck is going deep. Guy is seriously F'd up.

  • Jen9400 said...

    "The power play, now on its own, was 0-4 and now is 4-44 on the season."

    That's a lot of 4's Mike!

    Game was disappointing in that he King looked poised for a shutout and then he wound up with 3 goals against. Looks like the Rangers are returning to last years form. they allowed the Bruins to have the puck an awful lot. 40 SOG for the B's and if you count the Rangers 25 blocked shots thats a total of 65. Ouch. Same story different night. Henrik is King of everything, Girardi is King of shot blocking (what a game for him though - love him) and the Rangers try to finish out the game by taking their foot off the gas and protecting the lead. Nash said after the game that he thought they sat back a little bit and that they need to keep going. Good luck my good man. Coach is about to teach you "the right way" to never take too many chances. Sorry.

  • Andy said...

    Haha Sean effin the game was crumbling i was thinking, like pundit said, this was all started by great pest and grit play from boston. A beautiful game turned ugly quick because of it. You must have someone on your team able to do it these days. It's a valuable asset that, whether fans like it or not, is a part of hockey and always has been.

    The bright spots for me were Nash's dirty move and feed to hags (if he gets consistent watch out) and
    Asham's ability to brush off Shawn Thonrton's attempt at a scrap when we were up 2-0. Smart man for that, and i don't mind eating my words on Asham if he continues to play decent. Haven't seen a ranger fighter do that since Prusty or Aves. We all know what bickel or rupp would've done..

    Let's smooth out the kinks and keep the wins coming against the fishsticks