Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Nash N Cally!

My old blogging buddy, The Dark Ranger, must be one happy dude this morning as the Rangers soared over the Flyers last night 4-2. The Flyers have now lost six in a row at MSG and watched the Rangers climb over them into 8th place in the Eastern Conference. The Rangers have three games in hand over the Flyers and two games and two points ahead of the 10th place Islanders who they play tomorrow night on the Island.

The Rangers have concocted an excellent strategy. Stay close for two periods and then let Rick Nash take over. Last night they did just that or rather Callahan did that. His power play goal (6), opened the scoring. After goals by Simmonds, PP, and Voracek, PP, put the Flyers ahead Callahan (7) tied it at the 19:19 mark of the first period. Wow, four goals in one period. No wonder the joint was jumping.

Then it became Nash time. Two goals, his 6th and 7th, early, 2:50, and middling, 11:42, gave the Rangers the two goal lead that they would carry them to their third straight win. Nash has now scored all of his goals in the third period. How's that for clutch? His two goals came on two shots. How's that for efficiency? Callahan was his usual dynamic self. In 21:45 minutes he scored two goals, one assist, three shots and three hits. We have got to find something for him to do during the intermissions.

The one sour note was Mark Staal getting hit with a puck in the face. It was at 5:45 of the third period and never returned. As usual their is no update from the Rangers. It was the usual, "he's banged up." Also Richards sat out and you guessed it, "he's banged up."

ICINGS: It was Sam Rosens thirtieth anniversary of broadcasting Ranger games. Congratulations to Sam as he joins the list of great New York sportscasters like Marty Glickman, Bert Lee, Jim Gordon, Mel Allen, Red Barber, Russ Hodges, Phil Rizzuto, Marv Alpert and on and on.

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  • andy said...

    Get better Staalsy and Richie. 2 of hockey's most nightmarish incidents in back to back games. Nuts.

    Not sure what Roman Hamrlik will offer, if anything. Just hope Staal is not as bad as it looked.

    Very encouraged by the effort last night. Still a lot aspects they need to be better in, but you have to start with baby steps. Don't like Michael Haley, but his move from the bench had AVERY written all over it. And it kinda worked....hehe Hartnell the clown!!!

  • jeanine1994 said...

    Jen and I went to the game last night and had a really good time. Nash and Cally making things happen and going toward the net made for an enjoyable game. Getting to sing the goal song 4 times was great since the last time I was there we got shut out. The 2nd period was a sleeper but overall the rangers had a good effort and got the win.
    Staal getting hit in the eye was awful to see, I'm praying he will be alright and make a full recovery. Of course the Rangers couldn't give us any update on his condition which is total crap, they obviously don't care about the fans anymore. We love our players and just would like to know how he's doing. I don't expect them to have all these details and a timetable for his return, it just would have been nice if they could have given us a basic status report. Eric Staal told Dan Rosen Marc is in good spirits but they would really know anything until the swelling goes down. Thank you brother Staal. See Rangers that's all we need is something, is that really so much to ask?

  • jeanine1994 said...

    I'm so relieved to hear Staalsie is expected to make a full recovery, no surgery, vision expected to be fine! Wow, what a relief, I couldn't be happier or anymore relieved. Thank God

  • Andy said...

    Yeah that's awesome for Staal! Seeing him in that much pain was horrific. Hope we play well tonight..