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Rangers Play "Stone Age" Hockey

Norwegian Coach Roy Johansen: Rangers Play Stone Age Hockey and waste Zuccarello's skills
READY FOR RANGERS: coach Roy Johansen did not like that he will be without Mats Zuccarello Aasen in the World Championships in Stockholm in May, after Zuccarello now been formally ready for a return to the NHL club
Thanks Jen for pointing this one out to us.

John Tortorella is not a popular man in Norway. The Blueshirts are reportedly close to taking away their favorite son, Mats Zuccarello Aasen, to ride the pine again and "play hockey Stone Age" under the Rangers' Benchmeister.

Here Norwegian coach Roy Johansen unloads his thoughts on losing his extraordinary Zucc to Gotham's Stone Age hockey team in this beautifully Google translated article:
---- Rangers Play "Stone Age" Hockey

They have not exactly made ​​a great job for Zuccarello

But now he is officially ready for the New York Rangers.

(Dagbladet): Mats Zuccarello Aasen has today formally ready for the New York Rangers, after hockeyproffens two agents, Swedish Erik Ryman and American Don Meehan night to yesterday received a concrete offer to return to the NHL club for the rest of the season.

The offer came as a surprise to coach Roy Johansen, who looked forward to the World Cup with Mats Zuccarello Aasen as a central figure in the Norwegian team.

- I thought the race was run for Mats at this stage, says Roy Johansen told Dagbladet.

Doubt Playoffs 

He finds it strange that the Rangers waited so long, if they really wanted Zuccarello back in the team where he made eight goals and 18 assists in 52 NHL games in the period 2010-1012.

- It's only 15-16 games left of the regular season, and quite accurately a month. At worst, it may just be the time for Mats, for I am not convinced that the Rangers are going to the playoffs, says Roy Johansen told Dagbladet.

With 32 points Rangers are currently in 8th place in the Eastern Division, the last place that gives playoffs. The point behind Carolina Hurricanes chases and two points behind the Washington Capitals and New York Islanders, the team with a better shape curve than Rangers.

- It does not look good for the Rangers. Chances are they are going to the playoffs is 50/50, according to Roy Johansen.

- Stone Hockey 

Mats Zuccarello Aasen has received approval from the requirement of a one-way contract. It gives him the same salary regardless of whether he is playing in the NHL or being sent down to the farm team, the Connecticut Whale.

Coach believes that any New York Rangers is wrong club for Mats Zuccarello Aasen

- I do not just agents have done some great work for Mats. Rangers are not a club that suits him. They play hockey Stone Age, they just dump the puck into the zone and chases after, say, Roy Johansen told Dagbladet.

- Should have gotten longer contract The agents also think he should have seen, and so steered away from Rangers both when Mats went there the first time, and when he gets another chance in the NHL club.

Besides, think that a coach konk presented at worst only come into effect in one month is the bare best team.

- I think they should have an agreement that lasted for at least one to two years. Now Mats at worst end up alright salary for one month, and then it's over.

Zuccarello NHL return also means that he must say no to World Cup games for Norway in May.

- Proud not Mats

Roy Johansen is also uncertain how strongly Rangers coach John Tortorella really want Zuccarello. He sent down to the Norwegian farmer League several times last his rule Zuccarello.

Besides, it is clearly seen that the relationship between Zuccarello and Rangers coach was not the best.

- It shone through that Tortorella did not trust Matt when he was last there, and if the decision to bring Matt back to the club by anyone other than Tortorella now, so it is not certain that it gets so much playing time on Mats this time either, says Roy Johansen.

- Extraordinary skills

When used correctly, he believes, however, that the Rangers will get great pleasure from Zuccarello.

- They need him in majority games. They have very bad off, and then they need a guy like Matt, who have extraordinary skills. In all Rangers are a team that scores extremely low. But they have close defense, then, that they should have, said the Norwegian hockey boss.
ESPN / March 27th, 2013:
Sources: Mats Zuccarello to N.Y.

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  • Jen9400 said...

    No problem Mike. And it looks like Roy Johansen is right on the money, Zucc is cleared to play and will not be in the line up tonight and coach said he won't commit to dressing him on Saturday either. So obviously it wasn't Torts who wanted to bring him back because we all know that if it was one of "Torts boys" he'd be in the line up tonight. Funny how he can see this from Norway and we have people right here in Torts backyard who can't. Pathetic.

    BTW I was watching part of the Ducks/Sharks game last night and my man coach Mike Babcock was in the house scouting ahead of tonight Detroit/Sharks game. Drew interviewed him between periods and Babcock said some very interesting things as always. He spoke about all the players the Wings lost going into this season and said as a coach he adjusts how his team plays every season ACCORDING TO WHO HE HAS ON THE TEAM! You see? its not just us on the pundit who believe the players don't adjust to the coach, the coach adjusts according to the players he is given. Something our coach knows nothing about. Also, and my favorite part, when he was asked about the game he was watching so far (it was 3-0 sharks at the time) he said of the Ducks play, "to me its all about what time you got here. Its about the start. PLAYING CATCH UP HOCKEY IS LOSING HOCKEY." - Yes Mike the starts are HUGE and the Rangers have terrible starts. Man i could cry listening to him.

  • jb said...

    I will start calling the Rangers coach: John "Flintstone" Tortorella. He's just looking to play Neanderthal's like Boyle.

    The Pat Leonard Daily News headline says it all: Mats Zuccarello officially signs with NY Rangers, says 'this is where I want to be,' but will not play vs. Ottawa Senators

  • Andy said...


    I was at the sharks game and met Mike Babcock last night! He was just walking by the big food area and talked to us for about 5 minutes. He is a very nice guy and was certainly well respected by all the fans in the tank. Didn't see his interview but he is one of the smartest/greatest coaches ever, even though i never really liked the wings :)

    Hope the rangers come out blazing like the sharks did last night!