Friday, March 15, 2013

Yes! We Really Suck!

It was another dismal effort. Our pathetic offense puts up one goal again. The duo of Stepan and Callahan struck again, but it was only once. Our feared trio of Nash, Richards and Gaborik gave their best imitation of the three stooges on ice. To me the moment that sewed up the game was Marian Gaborik's miserable attempt on a penalty shot. Moe could have handled the puck better.

The coach wasn't any better. The fans serenaded him all night long. However, listening to Sam and Joe one would have never known it. But the fans know it and the serenading will now go on in all visiting rinks. The Rangers know it. Gaborik has stopped playing for this guy. The Stealth GM of the Rangers now knows it and probably won't do a damn thing about it. Our coach and his disjointed press conferences have now become a joke. How long will this go on?

We are now in 9th place. A coaching change will put life in this team. Who? I don't know. Maybe an inside guy like a Messier or an Adam Graves. Or maybe a trio. Messier, Graves and Leetch. Just a wild stab. The sad part is that this team can still make the playoffs with this coach. Look at the rest of the NHL.

So nothing will change. We will keep this coach and the team will stagger into the playoffs all tired, banged up and humiliated by their coach. What a sorry state.

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  • Andy said...

    Couldn't agree more Pundit.

    "Tort-o-rella"! "Tort-o-rella"! Oh what a sound it was. I say give Lindy Ruff a call..

  • Jen9400 said...

    I posted on the last thread at 4:48 and Mike posted this at 4:50. I said I hoped everything was ok with Pundit so I have to start out by saying I'm glad it is. I was just a little too impatient I guess. Sorry.
    Andy, I made a late comment on the previous thread where I thanked you for your compliment. I just wanted to make sure you knew I appreciated it.
    Also Andy I have to say this to you now, NOOOOOOO! We don't want to replace defense defense defense disagreeable with defense defense defense Lindy Ruff. He used to play here you know? His style of coaching is not much more exciting than his play was. We need a coach who thinks outside the box not one who helped to create the box, even though of course I would agree that he would be better than the idiots we have now, he's just is not the right coach for the group we have.

  • jeanine1994 said...

    That chant was like a sweet harmony to my ears.... I only wish I would have been there to partake

  • jeanine1994 said...

    Btw I was laughing and chanting in my living room

  • andy said...

    Playing and coaching is quite different..But yeah I suppose your right. Guess we're stuck with dumb and dumber.

    Honestly don't care anymore. I have shut off tortorella and will not watch or read anything about what he did or said or thinks or doesn't think. It's all infectious bull shit to me that is so old it's unreal. Tuesday's outburst was the last straw for me...these guys don't look like they care about playing for him anymore so why should I care? They'll either win in spite of him or they'll crumble with him. Or maybe it will all be happy happy joy joy and the boys will start responding to him and we can go on a magnificent run and Tortorella will become a God. Win or lose i guess it's clear this guy isn't going anywhere

  • Andy said...

    I take that back Jen. After watching this PIT game, I think you are correct in the fact that the media is closing in on torts. I was watching NHL Live and the color guy (don't know his name) was saying the rangers big guns aren't playing well. Then EJ Hradek stepped in and said "well, maybe their head coach needs to step up his game!'.

    Just like you said, about time...I live in the Bay Area (born in manhattan, don't worry!) and my 2nd favorite team is the sharks. Rumors here are that SJ wants Gabby and is offering Dan Boyle and Ryane Clowe. Dan Boyle could help but only for the remainder of the season and ryane clowe is terrible this year and is literally unwraveling in SJ. Food for thought...And once again, a terrible game this afternoon. I'll talk more on that on the next post, but how about no one on the ranger bench giving Nash a replacement stick today? Very characteristic of this team right now...

  • jeanine1994 said...

    Andy you live in the Bay area? That is our dream destination place to live. Jen and I love that area! My 2nd team to root for is also the sharks, lol, no wonder we get along so well.
    I will also post later, on my way out. Awful awful game. Please God tell me Torts days r numbered, please.

  • Andy said...

    Haha that's pretty rad! Glad you guys like the bay area and the sharks, they've been so fun over the years even with all the tough playoff losses. All the guys are super nice. I can't tell you how happy I was when Scotty Gomez came aboard, he's playing well for SJ and he is a great person! You should also know that last year when the sharks were struggling at the trade deadline, joe thornton and patrick marleau publicly voiced their like of Sean Avery, saying they needed a player just like him and would gladly welcome him. I was hoping and praying but asshole Sather kept him from waivers.

    Anyway, yeah it's beautiful here but i miss NY. Only was there until i was 11 but i have so many amazing memories of the rangers and the garden. That's why it pains me so when the place is a graveyard. So yeah, we do indeed have a lot in common!