Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Dynamic Duo Saves Rangers!

Who woulda thunk that the high powered mercenaries are sitting on the sidelines watching the youthful duo, the twins of destruction, the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin leading the Rangers. This has to be a quickie as my friends at dialysis are awaiting me this morn.

Stepan, two goals and an assist, Callahan a goal and three assists and their waterboy, Nash, a goal and an assist all adding up to a much needed win, 4-2 over the slumping Jets. The Rangers stayed tied with the surging Islanders, who beat the Devils last night at the Rock. There are 8 teams battling for the 7th and 8th spots in the playoff picture. The Devils lead with 39 points but 14th place Tampa has 31 points. It should be a doozie down to the wire.

The other Ranger dynamo, Henrik Lundqvist registered his 267th Ranger win, tying him with Eddie Giacomin for second place on the all time Ranger goalie win list. Next year, Lundqvist will surpass Mike Richter's 301 wins and become the greatest goalie in Ranger history. Last night's win was aided by a 'sparkling' save from Derek Stepan. Like his buddy Callahan, the dynamic duo, and Lundqvist, are capable of anything, including carrying this underachieving hockey team into the playoffs. Coming up. Pittsburgh, back to back. Should be interesting.

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  • jeanine1994 said...

    Rangers played well in this one, besides Step and Cally I thought Zucc had a strong game (penalties aside). Good fore checking which was nice for a change lead to some good energy in the game. I think Gabybhas been playing better but when he shoots he shoots right into the goalie. He needs to pick his spots, use his instincts.
    Torts now says he can't trust Kreider or JT late in the games so nether if them saw time past the halfway mark of the 2nd. If this guy not the big A** you've ever seen or what???? That'll build confidence in a young player eh? When they showed JT Miller on the bench he looked so pissed. It's the first time I've thought the kid looks like he's thinking this guy can't be serious? Remember last year at the end of the season he said he didn't know if Zucc was an NHL caliber player? Now he thinks he's smart and wants him to save his job...let him drown Zucc.
    Back to backs with Pittsburgh now, oh boy fun! Next week back to back with Toronto. Not expecting any wins there. It will be very interesting to see if we get into the playoffs. If we do it will be by the skin of our teeth and then we most likely draw the Pens. That won't be pretty.

  • Andy said...

    Sweet game. Cally and Step were playing out of their minds. Funny, the only 2 guys who talked about the Avery tweet seemed sparked, played amazing, almost like they were on a mission. Even from his computer Sean Avery may still be the rangers one true spark plug lol..

  • Andy said...

    See ya later Gaborik...for what? Grit. The stuff we had last year. So fucking stupid. I am now an even bigger fan of CBJ. Dorsett? Brassard? STUPIDDDDDDD

  • jeanine1994 said...

    Well Gaby is gone, the bastard torts wins again. Clearly he is going nowhere.
    A forty goal scorers replaced with a checking forward, a guy who loves taking penalties and a D man for depth... Wow, talk about a dump.
    Truthfully I'm crushed, I loved Gaby. Torts is mentally abusive and Gaby couldn't produce in that environment anymore. Over the last 2 seasons I have lost some of my favorite Rangers of all time, Avery,Dubi, Prust and Gaby. My heart is broken, I can't take it.

  • Andy said...

    I feel the exact same way jeanine. All of those guys you mentioned (including Voros) were some of my all time favorites as well. Heart breaking. And all because we have a bigot, neanderthal coach with no brains at all.
    It's getting pretty tough to even watch the games...And adding Clowe and sending Kreider and Miller to CT...that will do wonders for their confidence won't it?