Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rangers 3, Maple Leafs 2 (SO win)

That third period, the OT, and the SO was some tense riveting fun, huh? Nothing beats that tingly feeling of holding your breath for 40 minutes until you get light headed and start seeing stars.

A few random thoughts about the game last night before I get some quick shut eye. I've been up for two weeks straight worrying about this team making the playoffs.

Of course, you knew we had to make a reference to Joe Micheletti's vague reference to Brian Boyle having some issue that involves not getting enough sleep the last couple of weeks. A quick scan of twitter reveals no clear public indication of what the problem is. One clue to the BB mystery might be this Mother Teresa saying that Boyle tweeted on March 31st.

* So what do you do with a man who is not getting enough sleep? If you are John "torturous" Tortorella you ramp up his shifts and ice time in the 3rd period. Boyle had 8 of 19 shifts in the 3rd period and 5:59 of his 15:52 TOI. But, of course, when it really counted in overtime Boyle was safely locked down on the bench. Torts apparently didn't want to jeopardize Boyle's third star of the game honor.

* You can really see who Tortorella trusts by who he plays in OT. Hagelin and Zuccarllo each saw one shift in OT. Asham, Clowe, Moore, Pyatt, Powe, and Boyle did not play in the extra inning.

* Tortorella put on his Gandalf face and called his Hobbit out from The Shire. Said, the bearded wannabe wizard: "He’s gotta score... He’s gotta score in the shootout. It’s nice that we’ve seen it before. We need it now." Zuccarello, responded by sliding a sneaky wrister through Reimer's 5-hole. Middle-Earth and Norway rejoiced.

* If Reimer or Toronto had been scouting the NY Rangers twitter they would have seen that same Zuccarello move at practice back on March 31st. But, even if you knew it was coming could you still stop it?

* Has twitter become our new crystal ball?

* Lundqvist continued his outstanding play and easily earned the first star yet again. You run out of superlatives to describe how focused and committed this man is to winning. Does Tortorella dare throw Biron into the fire of this playoff race with so little time in net? Tortorella's "the future is now" attitude puts Lundqvist at risk of being over used and worn down just in time for the playoffs. Biron should play in one of those two back-to-back games on April 18-19 (Florida, Buffalo). At a minimum we have to see Biron in net against the Sabres in Buffalo don't we?

Anyway, it's well past bed time. So good night and God Bless the NY Rangers.

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  • mike said...

    So coach disagreeable is a 'genuis' for putting Zuccs in to score a goal in the shootout.

    I guess he's a super genuis for having a goalie like Henrik Lundqvist.

    Lucky stiff, disagreeable.

  • Jen9400 said...

    Yup Disagreeable. The same 'genius' who said at the end of last season that he didn't know if Zucc was an NHL calibre player which is ultimately why he was in Europe. Now this year they bring him back and the 'genius' says things like how smart Zucc is and skilled. Um, yeah. He's so clueless. What kind of coach can't judge talent? He just flips flops his opinions back and fourth based on what that particular day brings. That's why he can't stick with lines. He's switching the lines around in practice today because the lines are "stale." Already? Whatever. If it works one day- the lines stay- if they don't work the next day they get ripped apart. The guy is a total f*ing jacka**. Sorry to sound so unladylike but the truth is the truth.

    Before the last game he said of Zucc that its nice he's done it for us in shootouts before but he needs to do it for us in shootouts now. Guess where we went in that very game? The shootout. Set the expectations low and that's what you get. Rangers have a mediocre coach and a mediocre mindset and look at the results. Wouldn't you know it.... mediocre.

    Here's the text message convo I just had with Jeanine:

    Jeanine: (As per Steve Zipay) Torts on Islanders"I haven't really paid attention to them" Jeanine: He's such a $*#@!
    Jen: I saw that. He is a $*@!
    Jeanine: Brad was on a line with Clowe and Brian, what a stupid line. he has no idea how to use players. Who's Clowe making room for there? And none of those guys compliment each other. He's so dumb.
    Jen: I know. he told the media that he thinks the lines got stale. He's so clueless.
    Jeanine: Stale? In 3 games? For him 10 minutes is stale. It's the only reason he can ever think of to point at for short comings, look in the mirror a$$hole.
    Jen: Yup

    And we have conversations like this pretty much on a daily basis. Sad state of affairs.

  • jb said...

    Yes, I guess you're a genus if you play the percentages. Zucc was like 45% (5 of 11) on shootouts and the cranky one goes with him. He's now 50% (6 for 12). Pure Tortorellian genius to play a high percentage SO guy in the SO.

    I think the only way Torts feels like he's earning his pay is when he changing line combos. It's the only button he can push. Pitiful indeed.