Thursday, May 16, 2013

R2: Bruins Series Notes

Game 1 against the Bruins tonight. Let's get ready to rumble.

Hat tip to Scotty Hockey for pointing out the Bruins Days of Y'Orr blog, they do a depressing breakdown of the enemy (NYR). But, they also poke some fun at you know who, which gives them some cred.

Tortorella - "I'll Choke You"
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(Boston Bruins) Days of Y'Orr:
Know Your Enemy - The New York Rangers -- 
The New York Rangers offense was more or less anemic during the series against the Washington Capitals. Out of the 16 playoff teams, the Rangers currently rank 10th in goals for against, which ranks them 2nd to last in teams still in the playoffs. There are three eliminated teams that currently have scored more goals per game than the Rangers - Toronto, New York Islanders and Anaheim. The paltry 2.29 GF/G was good enough to beat on a Washington team that couldn't score a goal if you let the net empty...
Scotty Hockey takes a good look back at the Bruins:
Peepin' Foes Playoff Edition: Boston Bruins -- 
Who To Watch For: Milan Lucic was a beast in Game 7 against the Leafs during crunch time, absolutely dominant. Patrice Bergeron rarely wows but is one of the most complete players in the NHL. Brad Marchand is a smaller version of Sean Avery, just with better hands, and Tyler Seguin has been slumping but when he is on, he is on. Their defense is thinned by injury (no Seidenberg, Ference or Redden) but they still have the man-mountain that is Zdeno Chara, who admitted to me in Prague before this season that he hated the Rangers.
No argument with any of these.

Blue Seat Blogs:
5 keys for success for the Rangers against the Bruins --
  1. Mitigate Boston’s advantage on faceoffs
  2. Win the special teams battle
  3. Rick Nash vs. Zdeno Chara
  4. Stay disciplined
  5. Henrik Lundqvist has to be as good, or better, than he was against Washington 

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