Tuesday, October 29, 2013

All Glit, No Grit

Maybe I expected too much after the Red Wing game. In hindsight that game was an aberration and last night's game was more telling of what kind of a season we are going to get if Nash and Callahan don't get back soon. BTW, what is the status on Nash? It's like he fell into a hole. Remember, this is his second concussion. Hopefully, he will fully recover.

Last night it was all about glitz. The new Garden and all the celebs and big shots showed up. The biggest 'big shots' were my two sons and all the other long suffering fans who have watched so much mediocrity over the years. They had two hall-of-famers, Corneyer, of the Canadiens and Rod Gilbert of the Rangers drop the ceremonial first puck. One, won a ton of Cups and the other nada. They introduced certain members of the 1994 Stanley Cup team and notably forget, or maybe on purpose, left out Mark Messier. As for me, enough already with 1994. To me it's as distant a memory as 1940. Out on LI the other team's GM is working hard to better the team as our GM remains in hiding.

The game was awful and boring. Nothing has changed. Our power play was 0-5 and Montreal was 1-6. Canadien goalie, Budaj had a 27 save shutout and Lundqvist had 25 saves. The offense was non-existant with Kreider's shot off of Budaj's  glove and crossbar being the highlight film. Of course Kreider's interference penalty on watching two Canadiens collide was also a thing of beauty that must of had the suits in Toronto cringing.

So it is on to the Island to face the revamped Islanders. While Islander GM Snow works, Ranger GM Stealth fiddles. Sounds familiar?

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