Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We Are A 500 Club!

Let's face it folks we are a .500 hockey team, win one, lose one, and it wasn't more evident than it was last night. With Rick Nash back, the Rangers were at full tilt, so to speak. And they did an adequate job, firing 44 shots at Bruin goalie, Tuukka Rask. The guy, who beat the Rangers in last year's playoff by allowing 10 goals in 5 games, was very good making 43 saves, none bigger than his save on Chris Kreider's penalty shot. Rask has a 1.61 GAA and a save percentage of .946. So Rask is no fluke.

However, it doesn't matter who the goalie is. The Rangers have scored 43 goals in 21 games. They have given up 52 goals. That's a losing proposition. We started 3-7 and looked like we were headed for the dumps. Then it was 7-2 and we looked like contenders. Now we have lost two straight, by one goal, and are now 10-11, and look like pretenders. In fact, we have scored just one goal per game in the last three games. We are fifth in scoring in the anemic Metropolitan Division. Add in the Atlantic Division and out of the sixteen teams we rank 12th in scoring. In points, which decide the playoffs we are tied for third, with Carolina, in the Metro and tied for 8th with two other teams in the Eastern Conference.

The Rangers need action from their GM, The Stealth. Rumors have Del Zotto on the block. Dump him, and take along Boyle. Maybe also Zuccarello, who has a penchant for passing up shots to make backward passes. We did an admirable job last night pouring 44 shots at Rask, but admirable is not going to do it. We need results. We need goals and unless we get some soon it will be win one, lose one or two the rest of the season. Not good. Not good enough.

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  • Unknown said...

    I think your recommendation of dumping those 3 team members right now is extremely short sighted, and we can only be relieved that bloggers are not GMs. Boyle is by no means a big threat in the offensive zone, but a great defensive player, a role every team needs, in my humble opinion. Who are you going to replace Del Zotto with? Keep up the unproductive tradition of bringing in 34 year old borderline burnouts? Was the pass from Zuccarello, creating a breakaway for Kreider a backward pass? He's really unhappy with the choice he made vs LA, you know. He thinks he should have scored and regrets trying to pass. No reason to throw them under the bus yet, just because you are frustrated by the team scoring on less than 2% of their shots. I think this guy has it right:
    Anyway, always happy to read your posts, Mr. Savino. Just surprised how fast the winds turn in New York City. You guys are always asking your team for consistency. How about some of that from yourself?
    Ok, have a good day now, Sir, and let's see if we can't blow those stars into a black hole tonight. Let's go Rangers!