Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rangers, Callahan Go Down

The Rangers lost again last night, their third straight at home, to the Nashville Predators, 4-1, but more importantly they lost their fireplug Captain, Ryan Callahan for at least 4-6 weeks. The injury came in the first period as Cally was finishing a check on Victor Bartley he fell to the ice and sprained his knee. Add in Marc Staal, who is still recovering from a concussion and the Rangers road back to respectability becomes even more difficult. These are two of the grittiest players the Rangers have. Also, rumors have it that Ryan McDonagh is playing with a bad back, which if true, casts a pall on this season.

After Sunday's debacle the Rangers needed to make some changes. Honestly, sending JT Miller back to Hartford and bringing back Aaron Asham and giving him all of 6:33 of ice time is hardly the answer. But, there are no answers for the Rangers with their rosters in New York and Hartford and they must go outside to fix the problems. And they must do it fast otherwise after the Yankee Stadium games the season will become irrelevant.

For the second night in a row the Rangers lost to a third string goalie. One goal games against guys named Philipp Grubauer, Washington, and Carter Hutton, Nashville, is not going to do it. The coach who was known for his offensive tactics now has the team betwixt and between offense and defense. Right now nothing is working and even Lundqvist seems confused.

Does someone has an answer? Hey, isn't that what GM's are for. "If I had the money the Rangers have, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah!

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  • Jen9400 said...

    Its horrible. The games aren't even entertaining. This is what we look like when Henrik isn't perfect. Average. Now with Callahan out- we are screwed. This team is fragile in more ways than one. They aren't physically tough enough and they aren't mentally tough enough. As soon as something goes wrong they fall apart. They tense up and freeze. There's no fight in them- no come back. AV is at a loss because he's probably never seen anything like it. Welcome to the Rangers. Honestly, I have no issue with AV. I like him - he's not Messier but I do like him. I like his approach and his philosophy and I agree with his comment using the Red Wings as an example 100%. But sadly, this is NY. We don't have a first class organization like they do in Detroit. And its not a knock- its a fact. It starts at the top and our top doesn't give a crap about anything outside of their bank accounts making it impossible for us to be a first class organization. Rangers fans and Knicks fans deserve better. Its just so sad.

  • jb said...

    The feelings expressed here are being universally echoed across Rangerland:

    Blues Seat Blog: This team sure is boring to watch, maybe that’s why no one showed up[at MSG].

    NY Rangers blog: ...i'm not even mad anymore. I'm really just sad. Sad that the fans have more passion than the players. Sad that they tricked me into thinking they'd play with some urgency tonight. Sad that I've come to the realization that this is just a bad team. Very disheartening. I think I need a hug.

    Blueshirt Banter: they need to make some moves to bring the battle level (and goal scoring) back to the locker room. But they can't just sit like this... It's just ugly. Uuuuugly

    Blueline Station: The Rangers just never looked like they were going to win at any point in the game, which to me is concerning. You can’t just not show up to games.

    Rangers Review: I need a vacation from this team.

    I sure miss those days with Prust and Avery, when every game was a war, and the team had some snarl. Now they just wimper.

  • Unknown said...

    I miss the old coach, I know we can't say his name here, but there is no way he would allow any of this.

  • Mundo said...

    That was me

  • Jen9400 said...

    Oh boy Unknown.

    Before people start deciding this would never be happening if only that other coach were still here I have something for you:

    John Giannone tweeted this comparison:

    Food for thought on this year's NYR after 32 games:
    This year: 15-16-1, 31 pts 9th place, 70GF, 84 GA
    Last year: 16-13-3, 35 pts 8th place, 76GF, 75GA

    So far this year we allowed 2 or fewer goals 19 times and scored 2 or fewer goals 19 times. Last year after 32 games we allowed 2 or fewer goals 17 times and scored 2 or fewer goals 18 times. Therefore not only is it possible for the Rangers to do this under the czar, they did mange to accomplish it. Plus, if you take into consideration learning a new system, the rash of injuries to our top players, especially Callahan, the underachieving of guys like Step and Hags and the out of character season Henrik is having, one could actually argue that AV is accomplishing more than the czar did because he is working with less.
    A new coach was not only needed for the team but wanted and with the poor excuse for management we have it will be a tough road for any coach who comes into NY.