Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bishop Checkmates King

It was like a chess match. The Rangers kept coming and pouring shots at the big monster like goalie, Ben Bishop, but to no avail. The 6'7" tower of strength made 33 saves in beating the Rangers for the fifth straight time. He has allowed only four goals in four plus games against the Rangers.

Lundqvist wasn't bad either, making 23 saves, but he was burned by a phantom call that turned into a nine second disaster. The call was against Callahan for high sticking Bishop. In reality, Tampa Bay defenseman Brewer lifted Cally's stick and it hit Bishop. Two minutes in the sin bin. Victor Hedman then scored the power play goal and nine seconds later Nikita Kucherov split the Rangers D and scored the game winner. Actually there was no Ranger D, it was more like the parting of the Red Sea. Rick Nash had a quiet game getting only three shots in 18:28 of ice time. Dan Carcillo, who was a big part of the win over the Flyers, got a disappointing 7:05 of ice time.

This is what bothers me when we get these tough role players who could turn a game around and they sit on the bench. How is that helping the team? One old hockey player, who shall remain nameless, and no it is not Sean, told me a long time ago that most coaches over coach the game and don't follow the flow of the game. Well we saw over coaching in the last two reigns, let's hope we don't have another one. Anyhow, the streak is over. Let's start a new one against the Red Wings tomorrow night.

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