Monday, January 27, 2014

Maaarty Gets Iced!

Forget all the hype about playing outdoors. All the reporters who don't know an icing from an offside are all ecstatic about yesterday's event at The Big Ballpark, as the ole redhead, Red Barber, used to call  the old Stadium. This was not a very good hockey game and two goalies who should know better both played poorly. Brodeur made 15 saves on 21 shots. Lundqvist made 19 saves on 22 shots. Mariano Rivera would be embarrassed by those performances.

Both goalies complained about something. Maaaarty didn't like the ice and Lundqvist's pre-game nap was interrupted. Yes, the communication of the off ice officials left something to be desired. Let's face it. An outdoor game starting in the afternoon. The good news. There is sunlight and hopefully warmth. The bad news, there is a glare and balls, er pucks, can get lost in the sun. Left field at Yankee Stadium has been a graveyard for outfielders trying not to lose fly balls in the sun. Maybe in hind sight the backup goalies should have started. Cam Talbot is ranked third in goalies GAA and Cory Schneider is ranked fourth.

But forget the game. It's two points for the Rangers who now have a three point lead over a surging Columbus team and Flyer team for second place. There was a monster crowd of 50,105 most of whom probably couldn't even see the puck. They shelled out $12.50 for hot chocolate. Imagine $12.50 for hot water and a packet of chocolate. They coughed up $10.75 for a Philly Cheese Steak. It cost $35.00 to park your car. But it's historic, it's an event and it was a poorly played game where it looked like the defense, especially the Devils, noted for their defense, took the day off. Yes, the ice was bad. Yes, there was a glare. However, there was no excuse for the Devils defense. For once Maaaarty was probably right complaining about the ice. He should have complained about his defense.

Next big event. Wednesday night. At least we can't complain about the glare.

ICINGS: The T-Birds won their second straight beating a tough West Islip team 2-1.

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  • jb said...

    Based on those prices at the game ($12.50 for hot chocoate is nuts) maybe you should have made the title: "Maaarty Gets Iced, Fans Get Screwed"

    This NHL PR Tweet gives you a good idea of what the 'bottomline' is for the #StadiumSeries:

    NHL Public Relations ‏@PR_NHL Jan 26

    Approximately 7,000 gallons of hot chocolate is expected to be brewed at Yankee Stadium during the 2014 Coors Light NHL #StadiumSeries.

    And if anyone thinks NHL hot chocolate is "brewed", Brooklyn has a bridge you can buy.

  • Jen9400 said...

    I guess I'm in the minority around here because I loved it. Yeah it obviously wasn't a perfect hockey game but it entertained the hell out of me. There was nothing normal about the situation so the bottom line was to find a way out of there with two huge points so in my book it was a major success. Two points for us and NOTHING for them! Just the way I like it. Jeanine made a very good point during the game when she said we are in the home of the Bronx Bombers so of course the game was full of offense. Where else are you going to put all of those "runs" on the board?

    Honestly, Mike, I do think you are being a bit hard on Henrik. The first period was quite bad but then the guys settled down and allowed no more goals against. Henrik is the King of many things but excuses isn't among them. He is always the first guy to take the blame so I'm cutting him some slack with the reasoning that he was quite literally asleep for the first period. How often are you going to hear a guy admit that? Ha Ha Ha. Plus, it was easy for me to believe considering I made this tweet after the first after looking at all of the people on my timeline ripping Henrik to shreds:

    "Henrik's entire routine was disrupted with that delay. He needs to use this time between periods to calm down and get back into his flow."

    Also, Henrik has been much better as of late and is looking more and more like the guy we've come to depend on. He has been our heart and soul for eight years and is always our hardest working player. He has been looking forward to the Stadium Series game so much. He went out and got several sets of pads and specialized equipment including those really cool Pinstriped pads and gloves…. Would you really want AV to say hey Henrik thanks for all that you do. I know your really looking forward to this great event we are part of but I'm going with the back up… I don't think you would. That would be just wrong. Plus, you could never look at him and tell him, right? I don't think so.

    Yes it was NHL PR and yes it was a money grab as I was told on twitter yesterday but it was also cool enough for me to wish I was there freezing my butt off like the crazy fan I am. Sadly I won't be able to attend Wednesday's money grab either but I will be watching from my warm couch drinking hot chocolate from a packet that costs less than a dollar. I'm hoping for another success which again will be to get out of there with two more points. Lets Go Rangers!

  • mike said...

    Jen9400-Never intended to disparage The King. Have all the respect in the world for him. However, just reporting the facts.

    The outdoor game is a gimmick to roll the fans out of their dough. The shootouts are a gimmick. I don't like gimmicks. The Philly game was also delayed due to weather and I believe one game was changed from afternoon til night because of weather conditions. Who suffers most? The fans.

    Most fans at the game probably didn't see much of the game, nor the puck. Fans in front of number one son and grandson stood for most of the game as the line of site was poor. All tthis to pay between $175-$350 for a ticket.

    The NHL brass and reporters all love the game for different reasons. Lets see how much they like it at night when the Rangers play against the Islanders in frigid, no sun Yankee Stadium.

    BTW. You are not in the minority. I am.

  • Jen9400 said...

    I know you love the King, Mike. That's why I don't think you would tell him he can't have the Stadium games. I know Henrik's numbers aren't where they usually are but I still say that since his play has picked up you can't decide not to start him based on the numbers that are largely influenced by his unusual start. He's earned it. Besides, I am very sensitive when it comes to Henrik. He is one of those players who to me is in a Messier type category... untouchable! So take me with a grain of salt ha ha.

    On the other hand, I think your argument that the Devils should have started Corey Schneider holds a lot more water even though I would have made the same choice DeBoer did. I understand that these outdoor games are a gimmick, especially these non winter classic games, but the players seem to think they are very special and for that I think your team's franchise player should get the start. Corey thought giving the start to Marty was the right thing to do and told DeBoer so. I think that it was a gamble because the two points were extremely important to the Devils but you can never tell what a big time player might do in a situation like that. Unfortunately for Marty (and fortunately for us) the fact that he was unable to come up big just solidifies the fact that he is on the end of his career and should probably retire this season.

    Hoping the Rangers win Stadium Series part 2 tonight. I want these points baaaaaad. Secondly, I want to beat the Islanders. I really hate them.