Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Way It Was Meant To Be

This was the way they drew it up on paper. This was the way they practiced it. This was the way it would happen from day one. Unfortunately, nothing works as good as it does on paper, in practice and in the minds of leaders. Rick Nash, scored a big goal. He scored it with less than two minutes to go in a tied game. It was his tenth of the year, his third goal in six games. And to think, all we had to do is mention Sochi, Russia. To Russia with love, I do believe.

The other given was that the goalie, our goalie, would be there to make big saves in critical periods. Well our goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, made twenty four saves. More important, from roughly the three minute mark in the second period he didn't allow another goal for the rest of the game. This is getting to be a nice habit for the Rangers. In the last five games the Rangers have outscored their opponents in the third period by a 12-4 margin. They are 3-0-1 and 7-2-1 and now are a giddy three games over .500 at 23-20-3.

So there you have it. The two big guys, scorer and goalie, are performing like two big guys are supposed to perform. Of course they had, and have, help. Callahan scored his 8th, to tie the game at one. Brassard scored his 7th, a power play goal, to tie the game at two. The power play is clicking now, 6th in the NHL, with a 21.4 %. Will wonders never cease. Plus, new addition Dan Carcillo, played like the tough guy he is supposed to be. In 8:38 of ice time he dished out 8 hits and committed no penalties.

Wow! The big guy scores big goals! The big guy makes big saves! The big tough guy plays tough  without sitting in the big box! What's going on here? Whatever it is let's keep it going because, this is the way it was supposed to be!

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  • Jen9400 said...

    I am so happy Henrik is working his way out of this. His confidence is getting stronger. He is building himself back up. He works hard and never gives up and the coach hasn't given up on him either. It's nice to see.

    Nash is still killing me. He constantly misses the net but it was great to see him actually score the big goal for a change. After all, isn't that what he's supposed to do? Stepan is next. He has to be next. If he and Nash would just hit the net with some of their opportunities instead of hitting the boards than maybe some of their shots will start going in. I don't know where Step's head is at sometimes. Let's hope the King inspires him and he works out of his drought as well.

    Love, Love, Love having the Power Play! What a difference it makes. Contrary to what the former coach and his supporters believe, this team CAN have a PP, they CAN practice it and it CAN be coached. Whew.

    I also love the way Brad Richards is playing. I think he's been our best player all year even though he too has found some stretches of goal drought. I still see a lot of Ranger fans are still against him but I don't care. I like him.

    I am also enjoying the fact that blocking shots is becoming a part of our game plan and not the number one component of our game plan. Its nice to see the players using their own instincts to decide when a block is necessary. Its much better for the game of hockey and much safer for the players to stay on their feet and make a play rather than just automatically dive in front of frozen rubber at all costs because it is demanded of them. After all they are professional hockey players so making a play demonstrates that they didn't make it to the NHL based on their ability to lay in front of shots.

    And its worth pointing out that Michael Del Zotto has been playing better as of late. He is young with an offensive upside and I know he is currently everyone's favorite whipping boy but I always thought that with the right teacher, he has potential to be a valuable asset. I liked Mike's comment not too long ago when he suggested the Rangers teach him some defense. I think the guy came in with the mind set that he was going to be an offensive D-man and the former coach decided he was "too dangerous" and he needed to learn the "right way" and now the kid doesn't know any way. It will take some time for him, no doubt, and maybe even a change of scenery but I still think he can play. He just needs to believe it again. He used to have confidence - now - not so much and that leads to mistakes and it snowballs on a guy very quickly. He has a lot to prove now and that pressure is enormous so it may stand to reason that a fresh start might be what he needs. Whatever it is he needs, I truly hope he finds it.

    Hoping the Rangers can keep the ball rolling and build up some points in the standings. If this hard work keeps up then maybe they can make some noise. Lets go Rangers!

    By the way, it's a shame Andy decided not to comment on here anymore. Than "anonymous" commenter is happy I suppose but I certainly am not. Hope everyone is well and I would love to see some more conversation on here from the group. Miss you guys.