Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hail Canada

Before we get back to the NHL I believe we should first send a word of congratulations to our neighbors to the north. The Canadiens made a clean sweep of the hockey tournaments. The woman team beat our women team for the gold, leaving us with the silver. The men team beat the Sweden men team for the gold leaving our King, Lundqvist and his teammate on the Rangers, Carl Hagelin with the silver. The USA was shut out of the men's by losing to Finland for the Bronze.

In addition, John Taveras of the Islanders is out for the year with an injury and Mats Zuccarello, the Rangers leading scorer is gone from 4-5 weeks with a broken hand. Also, Backstrom of the Caps was suspended from Olympic play taking a medication he has been taking for 6 or 7 years in the NHL without a glitch. Sweden could have used him in the finals.

So what do you think about the Olympics? I didn't watch a shift. Sorry, other important things to do. Anyhow, I'm not a fan of professionals playing in the Olympics. Let's go back to the amateurs. There will never be a bigger moment than The Miracle On Ice, when a band of amateur kids beat the Russian Army Team. Never!

Back to the Rangers. Callahan and Girardi claim they want to be Rangers forever. True. But on their terms. Both want long term deals, in excess of five years. Far be it for me to side with the Stealth, but I don't believe either is worth signing for more than five years. Callahan is too brittle and Girardi is too soft. Put together a package deal with Buffalo and go get Moulson.

But back to Canada and their clean sweep in the Hockey tournaments. It must be one happy place. I tip a glass of Molson beer to my friends in Canada. Salute!

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