Sunday, March 16, 2014

How Swede It Is

As the Rangers are tangling with San Jose this afternoon they continue to struggle scoring goals and all the so called big guys have disappeared. Also, there are only four teams in the NHL that are stingier than the Sharks in giving up goals so the Rangers will definitely be tested today.

Taking St. Louis out of the equation the Rangers top goal scorers are; Nash, 20, Kreider, 17, Richards and Hagelin, 16 and Zuccarello 15. Nash and Richards have gone south and St. Louis still hasn't gotten used to wearing a Ranger jersey. Fortunately the Rangers have Lundqvist and Talbot and have only given up four more goals than San Jose has.

Lundqvist was brilliant again against a big tough Winnipeg team. Yes I know the Jets are struggling to make the playoffs in the West, but they are a big, young, tough team. They average 3" taller than the Rangers and a full 16 pounds heavier than the Rangers. So the Rangers passed the tough test. Could they pass it in a seven game series?

But we know Lundqvist and we know what we will get from him. It says here that he is the best goaltender in Ranger history, Cup or no Cup. So we need the scorers. Of late Kreider has stepped up and it was great seeing Hagelin getting the hat trick. Hagelin has great speed and if he keeps putting the puck on net he will have great results. But it's all on St. Louis. He has to revert to Tampa Bay form. He has to return to a point a game machine that he is. Maybe if Nash wakes up and starts to hit the back of the net it will take the pressure off of St. Louis.

The Rangers sit in third place in the Metro, a point ahead of the Flyers. They are second in the wild card race. Points are at a premium. To paraphrase an old song. "Bring the Cup to New York, St. Louis, bring it to the Garden." Okay, it was terrible but you get the idea.

ICINGS: The Rangers trail 1-0 after the first period despite getting 20 shots on goal. Wake up St. Louis, forget you are in New York.

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