Friday, March 14, 2014

Minnesota Flats

When I watched the Rangers play Tampa Bay the biggest thing I noticed was a little guy skating freely all over the ice and seemingly picking up any loose puck and usually hitting the back of the net. Of course that little guy was Martin St. Louis. Now five games into his Ranger career the Rangers are 2-2-1 and Marty has one point, an assist in the win over the Red Wings.

But Marty isn't the only one in a slump. The Rangers are now 2-4-1 in their last seven and are hanging on for dear life in a tie for second with  Columbus with 74 points, one point ahead of Philadelphia. The coach is starting to shuffle the lines because suddenly the Rangers can't score goals, again. And what is the coach's other answer? To keep swapping Dorsett for Carcillo.

Aren't there any other solutions? How about bringing J.T. Miller back. He is doing great in Hartford and was doing fine as a Ranger with limited ice team. When questioned about St. Louis, the coach referred to his strengths and said, "but the team has to come first." OK, but shouldn't we try to go to a guy who in his career is a point a game guy, until he came to the Rangers.

They said that coach Dean Smith of North Carolina was the only guy who ever stopped Michael Jordan from scoring. I hope AV isn't the coach that stops Martin St. Louis from scoring.

ICINGS: I forgot to mention that when I went to the game Sunday I saw Nick Fotiu. I said to him that we need some guys like him on the team. He said, what would happen if I hit the ice. I said everyone would skate away from you. Still a great guy.

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