Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rangers Are Powerless

We have talked about it all year in this space about the Rangers non-functioning power play. Heck, I seem to recall talking about it for years. The two previous coaches did or cared little about it. This coach claims they practice it. Is he kidding? The Rangers were 0-4 in this game and are now 3-20 in the series. The fact that the Flyers were 1-2 and that won the game. What was worse was the execution never more bad as when the Rangers had a 4 on 3 for the opening 1:06.

Richards, St. Louis, Stepan and McDonagh all gave their best impressions of coach Dean Smith of North Carolina basketball fame and the four corner offense. One shot, a slapper by McDonagh as the foursome killed the clock by 'controlling' the perimeter.  That effort just about wrapped up the game.

The Rangers opened up strong with the 4th line led by Dominic Moore tallying the first goal of the game and although the Rangers managed 38 shots on goal there was an overall absence of traffic in front of Steve Mason, who won his first playoff game, ever.

A reader, Dan Stryker, wanted to know before the game if this was a trap game. Well, I think it was and it was the Rangers who trapped themselves. Who is to blame? Start with the coach and go to the players. Rick Nash has one goal in 16 playoff games. He put on a flurry near the end with some good moves and shots but it was too little, too late.

So now it's back to MSG where the Flyers will be using their elbows, sticks and whatever else is necessary for every scrum after the whistle. Yeah, we got 38 shots but how many above average saves did Steve Mason have to make? McDonagh summed it up perfectly, "We didn't make his first game back too tough."

My last playoff game was in 2012 when the Devils eliminated us in OT at The Rock. Tomorrow I will give it another shot. At least it's not an elimination game, but the winner will have a leg up for game six. To the Rangers: forecheck, forecheck and forecheck some more. Oh, if you have time and a little extra get at least one guy a shift to get in the goalies face. Sean Avery, where are you now?

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  • mbernold said...

    these players, this team...they just don't have the stuff to win at playoff hockey...
    they've scored first in all four games and quickly give up a goal the days teams could win 1-0...they don't know how...too soft..
    odds are that philly can even knock them off in least i got my one stanley cup in 63 years in 1994..remember the sign at the end of game seven..NOW I CAN DIE IN PEACE..didn't realize how correct he was...being a ranger fan is a lifetime of suffering..guess that's why they call it being a fan =fanatic =nuts...