Monday, April 21, 2014

Rangers Fail To Rise On Easter Sunday

It was going to be a great day, a great Easter Sunday family dinner. It was at number two son's house and all four of my children were to be there including the rambling one from Louisiana. We would munch on antipasto, with all the goodies that phrase denotes and wash it down with wine, beer and an assortment of soft drinks. We would couple that with another Ranger win and move on to the lasagna, ham and lamb and the tasty supplements. We had seven different desserts including my all time favorite, strawberry shortcake. Number one son and number two son had both passed up luxury box tickets to partake in this family feast. The Rangers took a 2-0 first period lead and it looked like the Flyers were headed to their tenth straight loss at MSG.

No way. Instead the Rangers continued their streak, a bad one, a seven straight second game playoff  loss. The last time the Rangers won a game two on home ice was back in 1994 when they beat the Canucks in game two to even that series at a game apiece. The Rangers out shot the Flyers 33-25, the hits were 33-30 Flyers but the power play was telling. The Flyers were 2-3 and the Rangers 1-6.

Unlike the previous game, the Rangers were out worked in this one. Granted the Flyers got help from the refs when the Rangers were called for two 'diving' penalties after they were cheap shotted from behind by Andrew MacDonald and Wayne Simmonds. This negated two Ranger power plays. However, looking at the results of one for six, it's hard to make a case that the Rangers would have succeeded on the two extra PP's.

To be honest the Flyers out worked the Rangers in this one. They were on top of McDonagh every time he touched the puck and Ray Emery played a very good game. The Rangers were out hustled and out gritted. While the hits were fairly even the 'quality' of the hits were one sided. The coach might think some personnel changes in game three. Say Dan Carcillo and JT Miller for Boyle or Dorsett and Fast. Fast played just three shifts in the third and Dorsett played four. Neither had a shot on goal. Carcillo and Miller would add some much needed grit.

What could have been a sweep or five games now looks like a seven game war. Hopefully, we can step it up and make it a seven game war. Let's try the changes. For the record, the lasagna was outstanding, credit to my wife. Great job hon. Wish I could say the same to the Rangers and their coach.


FYI, did you know there is a Rise of the Rangers CD?
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Rise of the Rangers, 1969-70

However, the Rangers back then did not rise very far. The 1969-70 NY Rangers lost in the first round to Boston, 4-2. Bonus points if you can ID the goalie pictured above.

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  • mbernold said...

    eddie giacomin --of course

  • mbernold said...

    sorry to say, this ranger team not going very far in playoffs.
    lundquist as usual-sub par in playoffs..
    i'd start talbot to shake up team,they play harder for him

  • jb said...

    mbernold, yep Eddie G. showing off his classic stand-up style.

    AV sitting Lundqvist would be a huge gamble by him, if they lose with Talbot, he would be second guessed, and if they lost the series, he would have that decision hung around his neck forever. I think the Ranger rise or fall with Lundqvist.

  • Jen9400 said...

    I'm too young to remember Eddie's playing days but I knew it was him because of my parents. They always talk about how loud the EDD-IE EDD-IE chant was when he returned to the Garden as a Red Wing and they both feel he should never have been traded. My dad still gets very upset by it.

    mbernold - I think you are absolutely insane if you are watching Henrik Lundqvist's playoff performances and calling them "sub-par." Seriously? If you can't pick out Henrik as our most valuable player year after year, and if you never saw Henrik carry this team to victories they had no right to over the course of his playoff career then I seriously have to question your judgement. I agree that Henrik has to be better but I also know that he will be because history, yes history, tells me so. The rest of us know that Henrik has another level that is honestly just not human which leads us to victories like back to back shut outs to close out playoff series. I just read a blog where someone actually said that Henrik doesn't show up for big games. Any Ranger fan worth their salt knows that- to a man- no one on the team competes harder, no one wants to win the way Henirk does and we all know, or at least I thought we all knew, that Henrik is our heart and soul. He had an off season this year and still managed to keep his streak of 30 win seasons alive. Most players would kill to have a season like that be their "off season." This society is so "what have you done for me lately" and I find it sickening. Please, go ahead and say what you want, but don't disrespect a guy who has earned our respect over and over again. Sitting Henrik spells elimination. The team rallies around him and any coach dumb enough to take the heart, soul and clear MVP away after one loss should not be in the NHL or anywhere else, in my opinion. Its shocking to see a comment like that from a long time fan who quite honestly should know better. Truly shocking.

    Nash is killing me. I can see the guy has talent but he has no intensity. He has that big body but picks and chooses when he goes to the net. He says he wants to win and I believe he does but in order to do that he has to step up to another level. Finding that level, that will, that desire- that's what makes a winner in the playoffs. You have to be willing to pay the price. You can't dance around the perimeter and hope you'll get a chance. You have to make it happen if you are going to be a leader. He doesn't lead this team and its disheartening because he should be. He has all the tools to be a power forward but he's not willing to use them. Its a shame and it hurts us.

    Hoping Carcillo plays in game 3. NYR need his grit and some more toughness. So far he hasn't cost us by taking bad penalties so he has earned the chance to play. I'm nervous but excited. We can beat this team. With the exception of Boston, the Rangers have as good a chance as anyone to come out of the East. Its really crappy we lost a two goal lead and a chance to take 2-0 command of the series but if it makes anyone feel any better, and I'm sure it doesn't, blowing 2 goal leads seem to be the theme of this first round. I know, its a strange way to try and find a silver lining. Lets just hope that's it for us now. Let's take command in Philly!! Lets Go Rangers.