Friday, April 18, 2014

Rangers Stick It To Flyers

While it was 1-1 mid way through the third the Rangers were playing with purpose, discipline and in all honesty a certain domination and then it happened. The less disciplined Flyers, in the person of rookie forward, Jason Akeson, accidental clipped Carl Hagelin on the lip, while falling to the ice, which resulted in a double minor to the Flyers and instant eruption by the Rangers.

In a span of 47 seconds the Rangers scored two goals to take a 3-1 lead and eventually a 1-0 series lead. The goal scorers were Brad Richards and Derek Stepan and Martin St. Louis assisted on both goals. Zuccarello had opened the scoring for the Rangers as his backhander tied the score in the first and Carl Hagelin closed out the scoring with about five minutes left.

Good signs which bode well for the rest of the series. Richards and St. Louis, one goal and four assists reuniting their Stanley Cup run with Tampa Bay. This is the ninth straight loss that the Flyers have suffered at MSG. Our fourth line shut down the Flyers top line of Giroux, Hartnell and Voracek with only two shots. Our defense was stifling, holding the Flyers to only 15 shots. The best defense is a good offense.

Lundqvist made 14 saves and backup goalie Emery had 32 for the Flyers. Flyer starter Steve Mason is a probable for Saturday. However, if the Rangers play with the same discipline and determination they showed last night, it won't matter and we will go to Philly leading two games to none. When they win game one at home the Rangers are 21-6 in playoff series, another good sign. Lets keep it going. Let's go Rangers.

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  • Jen9400 said...

    I am so proud of that opening game. The Rangers had the puck most of the game. The best way to play hockey if you ask me. You gotta have that puck if your going to dictate the game and they did just that. They played with patience. They played with poise. They scored on both ends of the double minor making the power play the difference. I love it!

    I am so happy for Brad Richards. He is a guy who has so much talent and can lead a group by example. He led with confidence last night and a lot of it. A far cry from last year's playoffs. I loved him in Dallas. I thought he was a great fit there and he was a top line center who stepped in nicely when Mike Modano was nearing the end of his career. I was very happy when the Rangers signed Brad but I wasn't happy he had to play for the previous coach because as he does to all of his offensive players, he sucked the life right out of him. To the point where Brad was almost bought out before we could get even a fraction of what we paid for him. Last year I posted here that I wasn't willing to part with him, Kreider or Zuccarello because with the hand cuffs on we were not seeing what these players could do. What a difference. Brad Richards looks like Brad Richards instead of looking like a guy who blends into the wall paper based on a so called "team concept" of "no egos." When these guys are allowed to bring what they can offer to the table as individual players they all fall into place in their roles as part of a team. Having personal success doesn't mean you're not part of a team. It means your success IS the team's success and vice versa. Too many people can't see that.

    Another huge difference this year- winning game 1. How nice is it to win game 1 and not have to play from behind because you are too busy defending and only defending? Its huge. It cuts down the chances of needing to go 7 games. I don't hear AV saying that these are 7 game series as Torts always did. I hated that. Why set up that expectation? That's asking for 7 games. These guys want to win and they want to avoid 7 games whenever possible- And they will (I picked the Rangers in 5 and I'm sticking with it). Another big difference is Henrik didn't have to stand on his head killing himself to keep us in a one goal game. That's huge for him and for us. Can't find a negative in that fact.

    All around it was a great opening game. We got contributions from everyone. Four different goal scorers, the 4th line was great, we blocked a few shots when needed and as I said WE HAD THE PUCK! The other team can't score if we have the puck. So onto game 2. Let's hope its more of the same and Let's Go Rangers!

  • jb said...

    I agree. I was very happy to see Brad Richards have a great game. The guy just oozes professionalism, to see him have this bounce back year, and now get it going in the playoffs, just puts a cherry on top of a great win.

    What a difference a year makes; guys out from the death grip of Johnny Drama, and just letting the offense go. Even the perpetually morbid powerplay has come to life like a reanimated Frankenstein. Hope it terrifies the women and children, starting in Philly and beyond.

    This is fun.