Friday, May 02, 2014

Rangers In 6

The founding fathers of the Ranger Pundit post got together yesterday and by consensus we decided the Rangers would beat the Penguins in six in the second round of the playoffs. During the regular season the two teams split four games right down the middle. Each won a regulation game and each won a shootout. The Rangers scored 14 goals, the Pens scored 13 goals. Look for close games look for some over time games. There are other similarities. Sydney Crosby was without a goal in six games against Columbus and Rick Nash did not score a goal in seven games against the Flyers. The Pens have a strong backup to Crosby in Malkin, the Rangers have no strong backup but score by committee. So clutch scorers are Dominic Moore and Daniel Carcillo are necessary and critical. The two goalies are among the top performers after the first round of playoff games. Lundqvist is 2nd in save % with a .957 and Marc-Andre Fleury is 3rd with a .948 %. Both teams seem to be fresh and in top condition despite the toughness of the first round. The one big edge lies in the special teams. The Pens power play was 6 for 29 against Columbus the Rangers were 3 for 29 with zero for the last 21. Both teams penalty kills sagged in the opening round so this may be the power play playoff series. If so the Rangers will be in trouble. So why the Rangers, and why in six. The team seems to be hitting its stride. McDonagh is back all the way, Stralman is playing his best hockey, Staal and Girardi are rock solid and Klein and Moore play a consistent 15 minute game. The key to the defense is a hard forecheking sets of forwards. They need to forecheck hard and need to get back to neutralize Pittsburgh's D-men who want to join the rush. Finally, the Rangers are loose and stress free. AV may have some short comings but he coaches on an even keel. No bombastic outbursts, no petulant fits, no facial distortions and grimaces. The guy who did that lost his job yesterday.Good riddance. So the Rangers in six. Let the games begin. One game at a time. One period at a time. One shift at a time. Let's Go Rangers!

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  • mbernold said...

    i hope the "founding fathers" are correct.
    to win another round would be an overwhelming joy!!!