Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Rangers In A Big Hole

You know the Rangers are in big trouble when the other teams goalie out plays our goalie. For the second straight game Mark-Andre Fleury shut out the Rangers, 3-0. This time Fleury did it in grand style making 35 saves. So in two games Fleury has stopped 57 Ranger shots as the gang that couldn't shoot straight is now in a 1-2 hole in this playoff series.

And it was the power play again. This game 0-4 and 3-41 in this years playoffs. Making matters worse both Penguin goals, prior to Malkin's empty netter, were scored at the end of Ranger power plays.  Both goals were on breakaways, first Crosby  and then Jokinen. I thought Lundqvist should have stopped Crosby, number two son disagrees. Regardless, the power play is killing us in more ways than one. It all happened in the second period which seems to be our period of doom in these playoffs.

While I was pleased that JT Miller was inserted into the lineup I was quite upset with the fact that Carcillo got scratched. The coach also inserted Fast for Dorsett. Miller okay, Fast maybe, but Boyle should have sat not Carcillo. The Rangers have very little toughness so why scratch admittedly the toughest guy on the team. Plus he fires up the team and the Rangers have an excellent won, lost record with Carcillo in the lineup. Diaz was a good sub on the blue line and he fired some good ones from the point.

So tomorrow night is do or die. Yes, do or die. If we lose there is no way this team comes back from a 1-3 hole. No way. In all fairness there is little the coach can do to turn this around. Nash and St. Louis are huge disappointments. Stepan and Richards could help and boy, do we miss Kreider.

It comes down to basics. The Rangers have to play a 60 minute game, or more. It goes back to one shift at a time, no more no less. The power play has to be revamped. SOMEONE MUST BE IN FRONT OF THE NET AT ALL TIMES ON THE PP. SOMEONE MUST BE IN FLEURY"S FACE AT ALL TIMES.  We let this series get away from us and tomorrow night we have to start taking it back.

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  • Unknown said...

    Ok, you benched Pouliot before his decisive game. Then you suggested Boyle on the PP, but now he should have been benched instead. Tired legs are of course not your concern, it's about who you dislike today and disliked yesterday. Yes, let's bench them all and fire the coaches. And then we'll complain about that decision too. Oh, talk about consistency....

  • mike said...

    Unknown-I am, we are consistent. I have been consistently honest about the Rangers performance over the years.

    The Rangers have been consistently bad over these years.

    I suggested Pouliot be benched because in two consecutive games he took stupid penalties negating Ranger power plays.

    I suggested Boyle's benching because; he can't skate; he can't shoot and he doesn't use his big body in a constructive way.

    But. He is big and big is what we need on a power play, as in front of the net. He has scored this year on shots that went off his body, hence my reasoning which you call my lack of consistency.

    BTW. Tired legs? This time of the year that's common. Whats also common is the Rangers performance this time of the year. That my friend is not negativity its the facts. Look them up for the past 77 years.

    Thanks for commenting.

  • Anonymous said...

    It's the curse of Sean Avery! The Rangers will never again making it to the Cup finals since Torts destroyed Aves' hockey career.