Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blue Jackets Wack Rangers

The bad news was the Rangers got clobbered, 5-2, by the Blue Jackets. The good news. It's only the second game of the season. The game brought up the Rangers team biggest weakness. Toughness. Actually the lack of toughness. The goaltending is good, despite Cam Talbot's off night. The defense is good but it lacks a tough D-man, ala, Jeff Beukaboom, who kept the opposing forwards honest. Even a Bill Moe would help, but I'm biased.

I saw an article that said the coach, Vigneault, didn't know what to do with Ryan Malone. I have an idea for him, Play him. Play him on one of the top three lines. Play him to protect our skill players. Don't play him on the fourth line for 5-7 minutes, get into a fabricated fight and sit on the bench for most of the game. Put him on with Brassard and Zuccarello. Send a message that our skill players will be protected.

Defense is another story. There is no tough D-man in the Ranger system unless we have one in Jackass Flats, Utah. So go out and get one. Any ideas? The Blue Jackets manhandled the Rangers. The box score says they out hit us 29-28. Huh? Some of our hits most have been on the babes in the rows behind the bench.

There was good news. Anthony "Duke" Duclair picked up two assists and Nash scored his third goal in two games. Supposedly we out shot Columbus 26-24, but they must have counted the shots the Rangers had in the bar before the game.

Like I said before it was only the second game. Tonight it's the Garden opener against fellow original six foe, Toronto Maple Leafs. They will raise the Eastern Conference Banner and then we will see if the "toughness" issue gets worse, improves or we need help. One way or another it should be a good night

Let's go Rangers!

ICINGS: T/Birds won their first game of the year, 6-3. They have played three straight tough games and are now 1-2. Keep plugging guys.

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