Monday, January 26, 2015

All-Star Fiasco

I have never been a fan of All-Star games. In hockey, don't hit. In basketball, no defense. In football, no blitzing. Baseball may be the only one to get it right, but the game is too long. Last night the score was 17-12 with a Team Toews beating a Team Foligno. How's those apples? Do you know where your favorite player was playing? Regular season team mates were on opposite sides.

17-12. How would you like to be a goalie. Islander goalie Jaroslav Halak, who gave up four goals on ten shots said, "it was a fun weekend." The bars must have been hopping. John Tavares became the sixth player in All Star history to score four goals. The game was a glorified shootout.

Rick Nash, scored two goals and was booed by the "hometown fans." Imagine getting booed in an All Star game in your own home town. The game was played for one purpose only, TV revenue. They should change the format.

How about an All-Star game with the previous Cup Champs meeting a collection of college All-Stars? That used to happen in the NFL. The winner of the NFL Championship used to play a collection of college players all ready to join the NFL the following season. It would stir up interest in college hockey and give the fans a glimpse of the future stars of the NHL. What a boost to hockey in the USA.

We are bracing for a strong N'Eastern in the New York metro area. It says here that the Ranger-Islander game scheduled for tomorrow should be postponed. The area is going to be loaded with trucks attempting to clean up the mess, the roads will be clogged and we don't need people scrambling in icy, messy roads to get to a hockey game. Postpone the game.

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  • wes said...

    I'm glad I didn't waste my time on the game. What a waste, they should just scrap it. Lundqvist should be very happy he was dragged to the goalie abuse festival.