Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Isles Dominate Rangers

There is no other way to put it. Except for a brief unlucky period in the first when we hit the post three times it was all Islanders. Maybe that would have changed it. Maybe. If Stepan had not gotten slashed and become useless it might have been different. Maybe. But it was complete domination by the Islanders. They out shot us 44-27, they outhit us 28-25, they blocked more shots, 23-16 and won more face offs 32-27. At the end of the game their small contingent was out shouting our large contingent. Actually our crowd was silent, stunned.

It was as if someone had turned off a switch. It was like one of those sci-fi movies where different bodies take over for the actual people. Where were these terrors that cost me three nights of sleep last week in the California sweep? Where was the high flying, well oiled machine that rang up 13 wins in 14 games? There was nothing of that.

Fore checking was non-existent. We had trouble getting through the neutral zone. We mishandled the puck, the defense was not sharp and the goaltending was, to be kind, sub par. The battle of New York, the coach called it a New York classic, was a one sided affair that stamped the Islanders as a force in the Metro and a contender for the Cup.

Now it's back on the road. The Bruins, Blue Jackets and Pens. Time to reestablish our game. Time to get back to basics. Time for another three game sweep on the road. Time to think about what lies ahead of them in the long run. The Islanders are a team to be reckoned with. There are still three games to be played between the two teams and the good news is they are at the Island.

Time to rebound, regroup and get back to basics. No time to panic. Time to rise and shine.

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