Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cam Ekes Out Shutout Win

It wasn't pretty, but it was a win. Two points, baby, two points. Kevin Hayes who scored the only goal of the game, his 12th, called it a playoff game. Huh? He probably was carried away by his goal. A more thoughtful evaluation was that of Marc Staal: "Probably better watching paint dry." The Rangers got 28 shots on goal, the Flames 21. Never critique a win.

The Rangers are 8-1-2 since Lundqvist went down and are breathing hot and heavy on the Islanders necks. They are two points behind with three games in hand. They are now three points ahead of the Pens in the Metro and have a game in hand. They are only three points behind East Conference leader Montreal with the Rangers having one game in hand. However, the Canadiens have goalie Carey Price a tough nut for the Rangers to crack.

Give the Rangers credit. First, Lundqvist and now Nash go down. Hopefully Nash, neck spasms, will return against the Coyotes Thursday. The Rangers brought up Oscar Lindberg from Hartford and he got all of 8:18 of ice time centering Hagelin and JT Miller. Hopefully the coffee was hot.

With twenty-three games to go it's really down to a game at a time. The Rangers have to hang on til the King comes back and hopefully Nash's injury is minor. So others have to step up. Kudos to Talbot and Hayes who stepped up big last night. Watching paint dry can be painful.

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