Friday, February 13, 2015

Rangers Have Rocky Mountain High

No, they didn't smoke the funny stuff, they just are on an offensive streak and oh yeah, their fathers showed up. You know what happens when fathers show up. Delight, that they are there. Fright that they are there. Skate hard! Stay on the puck! Shoot! Hit 'em! Pass, pass, pass! You shoulda......! Well you know what I mean. But these are pros. And they are still our Dads.

The Rangers are back on a roll. Maybe the road does it. They are now 5-1-1. Since Lundqvist went down we are 3-1-1 with Talbot in the nets. Last night he made 26 saves. The game was loosely played. The Rangers have now scored 11 goals in two games. Last nights scorers were Boyle, Hayes, Zuccarello, Hagelin and Nash with his NHL leading 34 goals. Nine Rangers had points so the Dads were happy.

I always thought that with Talbot in the nets the Rangers would play a tighter more disciplined game, but I was wrong. Nash has been solid, and Hayes and Zuccarello are starting to pick it up. Now if we can get St. Louis to pick it up and Kreider and Stepan to be more consistent we may have something here.

The trip goes to Arizona Saturday, as do the Dads. Then its a big, critical one on the Island, Monday night. Should be a dandy, Jim. Meanwhile the tour with the Dads continue. If this keeps up they should think about keeping the Dads here for the rest of the year. If not, they should leave recordings, Skate hard! Stay on the puck! Shoot! Hit 'em! Pass, pass, pass! You shoulda........! I always add, have fun!

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