Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hail Prince Cam!

Prince Cam Talbot waves to his people
We all know how royalty works. It's bequeathed. If your father or mother is King or Queen you will be Prince or Princess. The Rangers have their King. Henrik Lundqvist. Now by the process of trial, test, tribulation, agony and joy the Rangers have a Prince. Welcome to royalty, Prince Cam Talbot.

The kid has earned it. Remember when Lundqvist went down? Remember the moans and criticism? We need to get a veteran backup goalie. But we had a backup. Not a veteran but a tested backup. But he wouldn't be able to play and be solid every game. Lundqvist has missed 16 games. Talbot has started in 15 of those. The red-headed kid with the black hat started and won his only game.

Talbot is 11-2-3 in those 16 games.Talbot made 29 saves last night. He made 29 saves in the last game against Chicago, a 1-0 Ranger win in OT. In the last four games against top notch opponents, Nashville, Detroit, Chicago and the Islanders, the Rangers and Talbot went 3-0-1 and Talbot gave up four goals and had a shutout. In those four games his GAA is 0.99 and a save % of .965. On the year Cam is 15-6-4, GAA 0f 2.28 and a save % of .922. Lundqvist is 25-11-3 with a GAA of 2.25 and a save % 0f .922. So the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.

But the test isn't over yet. Two more big road games. Tonight Its Alex the Great and the Caps in Washington and then Buffalo Saturday before returning home against a tough Florida Panther team only six points out of a playoff spot. Maybe we will see the red headed kid with the black hat, Mackenzie Skapski again.It would be nice to give him a home game..

Anyhow, it's Hail to The Prince, Cam Talbot and wasn't that a wise move for The Stealth to sign him up for next year and at a bargain price. Maybe he gets a bonus if we raise the Cup. For now. Let's enjoy the ride and the success of our newest royal, Prince Cam Talbot.

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