Thursday, March 05, 2015

One Point

Red Wings 2, Rangers 1 (OT)

So, a hard earned point for game that was decided by the refs. Not the worst outcome.

A couple of tweets from Stan:

Dave Maloney got worked up over the late call.

SNY Rangers:
The Rangers got “jobbed” last night against Detroit --
Following the Rangers loss to the Red Wings last night, Dave Maloney said on ESPN 98.7:

“The Rangers get jobbed, it’s a spectacular effort from a Rangers standpoint…..the Rangers get get jobbed Kenny, absolutely, absolutely jobbed here...
Icing the Habs

#Habs - Ken Reardon and Leo Gravelle jailed after Chicago brawl

via Twitter / @NHLhistorygirl
Old-time hockey: #Habs Leo Gravelle and Kenny Reardon jailed for fighting fans in Chicago
from Wikipedia:
1949-50 season highlights:
On November 2, 1949, at Chicago Stadium, a rather serious brawl broke out in a game Chicago defeated Montreal 4–1. During the second period, some rinkside fans began to get on Montreal defenceman Ken Reardon, and when one fan grabbed his sweater, Reardon swung his stick and hit one of the rowdies. Leo Gravelle and Billy Reay joined in, and yet another fan climbed over the boards and challenged Reardon, but was forced back to his seat. When the game ended, police arrested Reardon, Reay and Gravelle. Later, the players were cleared when a judge ruled that the fans were the aggressors and overstepped the prerogatives as fans.

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