Friday, March 27, 2015

Rangers Win A 'Whopper'

The Rangers beat a desperate hockey team and today Ottawa is even more desperate. The win triggered off all kinds of goodness and goodies.

First of all it was two points. Two points that gave the Rangers a tie with Anaheim with 91 points but the Rangers have three games in hand, for the top spot in the NHL. The win was the 47th for the Rangers, also tied with Anaheim, with the Rangers having three games in hand.

Second, five Rangers had at least two points, with Krash Kreider, having three, two goals and an assist. He now has twenty goals. Boyle, Zuccarello and Glass were the other goal scorers, Glass getting his first, flying out of the sin bin to roof one over Sens goalie Andrew Hammond, "The Hamburglar."

Cam Talbot, in what could be his final game for a while, was brilliant again far out shining his over hyped opponent. Talbot made 23 saves. Hammond gave up five goals on twenty two shots and lost his first regular season game after going 14-0-1. The rout brought out all kinds of one liners . Number two son jumped in with "over cooked", "someone forgot the dressing" and "burger?' "Do you mean hot dog." Of course "ground beef" and "minced meat" showed up all over the place.

Talbot, now 16-3-3 in Lundqvist's absence goes to the back up roll, but I feel we will see much more of this revelation. There are back to back this weekend in Boston and at home against Washington. Expect both goalies to play. With nine games to play the Rangers seem poised to make a strong run. St. Louis could be back this weekend, adding depth to the forwards. When Klein comes back that should strengthen the D-Corp. So things are looking up or at the least all the other NHL teams are looking up to the Rangers.

ICINGS: The T/Birds season ended with a deafening thud after a 9-1 loss to top seeded Smithtown. Though it was disappointing the T/Birds had a remarkable year. They fought back from early season losses to finish over .500 and in fifth place, making the playoffs. They then beat fourth place St. John's to advance to the semis where they were beaten by Smithtown. As they used to say in Brooklyn, "wait til next year."

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