Saturday, April 25, 2015

How Swede It Is

The Brännvin must be flowing in Sweden today as two local boys made good. Boy, did they make good. First, Lundqvist won another 2-1 game, again in OT. This is four 2-1 wins. In five games the King gave up 8 goals. The Pens 'elbowed' in the  only score off of him. Second, the speedy scraggly-haired kid, Carl Hagelin, scored the game winner in OT adding his name to other OT winners that have been series enders. Anyone think Matteau, Matteau, Matteau? And Adam Graves, both against the Devils.

So the Rangers await the winner of the Caps/Islanders game six at the Island today. The Caps are up 3-2. This game was another trench like game. Think of this. The Pens goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury gave up 11 goals in five games, had guys named Crosby and Malkin on his team and yet lost four of the five games. So the first step toward the ultimate goal has been taken and the Rangers get a mini rest to heal all wounds.

Speaking of wounds, Zuccarello was hit in the head by a McDonagh slap shot, left the game and his status is in doubt. Hopefully it is not a concussion. If it is the Ranger depth will be put to a test. It would give an opportunity to James Sheppard. He could step up. He is a tough kid.

I will now have to live through the playoff season with the knowledge that number one son correctly predicted the first round, five games. I think it's a first. However if he continues his 'hot streak' two things will happen. The Rangers will win the Cup and I will have a dozy of a summer. Hope he is right.


Empire State Building wears Ranger colors after game 5 win

Twitter / @NYRangers:
Who has two thumbs and is headed to round 2?! #NYR

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  • McPhilly said...

    The swedes have indeed played well - and that makes me think of part of Detroit's success recipe.

    Also, in addition to Hank and Hags, Jesper Fast is making a very important contribution to this team, too. And then we have our Norwegian Zucc by way of the Swedish Elite league to thank for helping bamboozle the opposition.

    Mike, I wonder if you weren't thinking back to the pretty 70s singer Mireille Mathieu?

    You may wanna correct that typo from
    Mattieu, Mattieu Mattieu
    to Matteau! Matteau! Matteau!

  • jb said...

    Thanks, I fixed that for him. The old French-Canadian connection, like a Matteau has been replaced with our new Scandinavian connection. If Hags keeps skating like he did, we'll be chanting his name.