Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rangers Powerless in Loss

The Rangers better wake up. The coach better wake up and start critiquing more. The Rangers have played two bad games in a row and have given a team, that was ready for the scrape heap, life. There was no excuse for last night's performance. Three shots in the first period. 1-7 on the power play. Hell, they even let Crosby arise from the dead with two killer goals.

I know we weren't going to sweep the Pens, but they have outplayed us in two games. We have not made them pay for their chipiness which has given us 12 power play attempts with only two goals.  Now we go to Pittsburgh with the home advantage belonging to the Pens. Yeah, I know we came back from 1-3 last year to eliminate them, but how often can you pull off that trick?

This power play, what a misnomer, will be the death of this team unless fixed. The looking for the perfect shot and the constant passing has got to stop. Shoot the puck, crash the net, cause mayhem in front of the net. The opposing net should be as crowded as the rush hour trying to board the number 4 train to the Bronx.

And the team was sloppy with thirteen turnovers, trouble getting through the neutral zone and a lack of desperation. These are the playoffs. Raise your level of play, Rick Nash, raise your intensity and play desperate, but smart. If not, 2014-15 might be remembered as the biggest debacle in Ranger history. Aah, the NHL playoffs. Not for the weak of heart.

ICINGS: The T/Birds had their annual dinner/awards night and Nicholas capped off the evening by winning the coveted T/Bird Award. The award is given to the player that shows excellence on and off the ice representing the true spirit of the team. Good job.

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