Friday, May 22, 2015

ECF Game 4: Rangers Bounce Back

So what do you think? Remember the names. Lundqvist, 38 saves. Nash, two goals and an assist. St. Louis, his first goal this playoff, plus numerous chances and a gutsy game. Yandle, his first playoff goal, plus two assists and Krash Kreider. Aah Kreider, what a force and another big goal and another imposing force. But, all the Rangers were great, gritty and tough. Would you believe two power play goals?

So, the Rangers have scored five goals in each of the last two games. You think the Lightning should replace Bishop for game five? Probably not, but I bet the Lightning brass now knows that they have a tiger by the tail. We outscored  the highest scoring team by a wide margin. Like I mentioned before we had  a tied game Tuesday and lost in OT in a game that could have gone our way.

Lundqvist was, well Lundqvist. What can you say about the King? He was depressed after game three but while he was not up to his game, the team let him down. Tonight his second period heroics will live in Ranger lore as the period that turned this Eastern Conference playoff series around. The Rangers still were too generous with the puck and Lundqvist had to stop too many breakaways, but stop them he did.

So the hand wringing will stop tomorrow, but who knows what the blame stream media will come uo with. All I know on a big night in a critical game the big guys came up big. Nash, St. Louis, Kreider and of course the King. But listen to the Ranger attitude. Before the game, Carl Hagelin said, they have had their fun with us and now its time to shut them down, Wow! Talk about predictions.

Before the game I texted my clan to have a positive thought at 8PM, EST. They did and it worked. We won. So stop that whining and think positive. We now have control of the series and the doubt is in the other guys head. Besides the King, Nash and St. Louis had outstanding games and Kreider continues to grow into a monster.

Let's Go Rangers!

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