Friday, May 22, 2015

Time To Bake the Donuts

Okay, so it looks bad. Six goals against, two games in two nights, a total of twelve goals against the King, the premier money goalie in the NHL and everyone panics. We even have the blame stream media talking about possibly changing goalies. Remember the score was 6-5 in OT.

6-5 in OT. We tied the game with less than three minutes to play to send it to OT. A little break and we would be up 2 games to 1. Remember we were down 1-3 against the Caps and the Grate O and stormed back to take three straight.

Do we have to play better? Of course. Does the King have to be sharper? Of course. Does the D have to be more disciplined? Of course. Do the forwards need to be more focused, more resolute more in control? Yes! Yes! Yes!

So big game tonight. Aren't all the playoff games big? All hands on deck. Remember that statistically we are the number one team in the league. Lets play like we are. Lets play like we are number one. Lets play with discipline and a purpose.

Time to bake the donuts!

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