Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jets Stifle Raners

Well they say you can't win them all. and that is especially true in hockey, the NHL. You might pull it off in college football or college basketball and maybe once in a lifetime NFL, but never in the NHL.

Well the Rangers tried, at least a little. They fired forty one shots on goal. Zuccarello opened the scoring to put the Rangers up but that was it. The power play was 0-5. It seems we have had little power play success since this blog first started. The Rangers have yet to have a coach that makes the power play successful.

But that's not the reason the Rangers lost. They didn't lose, they were beaten. The Jets are a big, tough, physical team. The Rangers are not physical. they are tough. they are good. But they are not physical. Physical teams that are good, win Cups. The Chicago Black Hawks have won three Cups in six years, the closest to a dynasty. The Kings were good and physical.  Playing McIlrath once a week, for 10-12 minutes a game is not going to make the Rangers physical.

BTW, I understand Boyle will be back in the lineup when the Rangers visit The House of Horrors in Montreal Thursday. Will Lundqvist play his fifth straight game or will we see the backup. Considering how poorly we play in Montreal the backup might be a good idea. Well at least the Canadien owners are friendly people. That will buy you a Moley.

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