Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rangers hit a new low, totally be-deviled

Sinatra had it right. Riding high in April, shot down in May. "That's Life" Ranger fans. Only its still October. First three games, 12 goal= three wins . Next three games, two goals=three losses. This last lost today was a stinker. The lowly Devils won their first game of the season in OT, 2-1 and to add insult to injury Lee Stempniak scored the winner. You remember Stempniak, he was last year's 8 minute man in the game, on the bench guy.

The Rangers jumped out to an early lead on Stepan's goal and the Rangers spent the rest of the game skating like they were auditioning for the ice follies at the Radio City ice rink, the coach, as usual looked befuddled after the game.  No answer. His only answer is to play Lundqvist every game and pray to the hockey gods that Rick Nash and Krash Kreider wake up from their early season siesta.

Of course playing Lundqvist every game is an easy call, if the season ends by Christmas, at this rate the backup, Raanta may get 8-10 games. Maybe he should be on the fourth line? Remember that the Rangers started slow last year before winning the President's Trophy. This coach is good at winning the Presidents Trophy, it's that other silver hardware that eludes him.

But it's early and there is lots of time left. However, the coach has to start looking at the bigger picture. And start coaching accordingly. Get the backup in, sit Boyle and play McIlrath. Put Hayes back at center on the third line. Stop tinkering and start to build chemistry on all the lines.

We have a new GM. He is no stealth. He won't go a full season with this performance. He won't tolerate another failed run. Wake up coach. Wake up Rangers.

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