Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veterans Day!

Sure there was the great debate, seven Republicans vs Trump. Yes, the Rangers won another game, their sixth straight, a Lundqvist gem, as he set new goalie standards. The news of the day is that today is Veterans Day. God Bless our veterans. God bless the families of those veterans who made the supreme sacrifice to ensure the freedom and liberties we all enjoy. God Bless our veterans and God Bless America.

The Rangers continue to roll. They got three shots in the first period and scored two goals. The other day they got two shots in a period and both were goals. So they are efficient. However, will this be successful against a team like the Canadiens? I keep mentioning the Canadiens because they will be the yardstick for the Rangers to measure themselves.

Forget the fact that the Rangers hardly win in Montreal. Forget the fact that goalie Carey Price is almost flawless against us. Just remember that if the Rangers want to win the Cup, they have to go through Montreal and Price, no easy feat. But the season is young and there is time. The Rangers need to toughen up, maybe not for the season, but definitely for the playoffs. Should be an interesting season as the Rangers chase Les Habs to the finish line.

ICINGS: The Pundit saw one hell of a game the other night as the T/Birds roared back in the last minute to pull out a 4-3 win over West Islip. The tying goal at the three minute mark was waived off, correctly, with three minutes left in the game. Undaunted, the T/Birds tied the game with 1:03 left in the game and won it with 49.7 seconds left. The T/Birds are now 5-4-1 and are in eight place.

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