Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rangers Feed On Patsies

Well the Rangers cuffed around that old punching bag, i.e. the Carolina Hurricanes, I believe it's nine in a row and tonight they play the staggering Ottawa Senators. Thank God the NHL is packed with more losers than winners. Of course listening to Sam and Joe there are 30 contenders in the NHL.

But not all the news is bad. The young guns are beginning to show their mettle. JT Miller is starting to show his grit and scoring as has Hayes and Kreider. Now if we can get McIlrath in the lineup and Boyle on the bench or out of town we might rejuvenate the team. Our PK was hurting and we went out to get journeyman Paille who might help with meaningful ice team. However, we have a power play that sucks and we keep rounding up the usual suspects and it sucks worse.

So it's two games before the all star break and the Ranger playoff hopes depend more on the futility of the pretenders behind the Rangers. Remember the Rangers are 0-5 against the Caps and Islanders. Also they are winless against Montreal and Florida of the Atlantic. So maybe we make the playoffs, but where do we go from there? This team doesn't look like it has a run in it. The defense looks pedestrian the offense is sporatic and the coaching is questionable. The good news. Lundqvist!

ICINGS: The T/Birds have two regular season games, tonight and Monday, and are sitting in seventh place with a one point lead over the eighth place team. Should be an interesting finish.

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