Friday, February 19, 2016

The Goons Are Back

Yes, the Rangers have turned it around, but remember we lost two games to two "elite" teams, the Kings and the Black Hawks. Of course in this mediocre NHL "elite" is an over used phrase. But this isn't about hockey, well in a sense it is, it's about goonery, thugness and head hunting.

For the second time in Ryan McDonagh's last three games someone has gone after his head. First, Simonds from Philly with a sucker punch and last night a well placed elbow from Leo Komarov to Ryan's head and what do you know, we lost our ace defenseman to a concussion again.

Simonds got off with a game misconduct and nothing else, Kamarov is subject to five games max. Five games! I've said it before and will say it again, we need frontier justice. Yes, Kamarov should get the max, five games, but he also should be suspended for as long as McDonagh is out. Also the NHL should review it's max penalty.

Does the NHL really want to stop these cheap hits? If they do the penalties should be more severe. Many a career has ended with sucker punches and cheap shots. Remember Jeff Beukaboom? But I doubt anything will change. They call it tough hockey. I disagree. I call it goonery, thugness and head hunting.

ICINGS: The T/Birds were eliminated in the first round by top draw Smithtown, 8-1. While it is disappointing the T/Birds improved over last years squad which only won three games. So it's on to college for my grandson. Good luck!

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  • Michael Donato said...

    Welcome back Mike! I hope you are well. It's nice to see your posts again. Be well my friend and Let's Go Rangers!